2 Years of Auburn Artisan

Cannot believe I have officially been blogging for 2 YEARS! Time flies when you are having fun!! Year 2 has brought me so much joy and I am just so thankful to have you all here with me along the ride- following along on all my colorful creations and adventures!

What a wild year it has been!! From traveling to Ireland, to finding out we were expecting our first child, to dealing with the COVID crisis… this year has definitely thrown some curve balls and lots of surprises my way! Some beautiful, some not so much. Either way, I am just so thrilled to still be sharing what I love on this blog with all of you!

This year my blog has slightly transitioned from a “DIY” blog to more of a “Lifestyle” blog. I mean, this year has brought some pretty life changing events! I absolutely foresee it heading even more in that direction as I prepare for the arrival of my daughter. Don’t worry! There will still be plenty of DIYs coming your way! There just may be more life updates and baby posts to fill some of the slots though! As I have stated before, this blog was created to be a time capsule for myself to look back on when I am old and gray, so I definitely plan on there being a heavy emphasis on my daughter!

Some of our Favorite Things that Auburn Artisan Did This Year

(scroll over the image to find links to each post!)


1.) We made all these incredible treats: Ice Cream Sandwiches, Birthday Cake Dip and End of the Rainbow Shake!

2.) We celebrated Halloween in the most epic way by creating this, this, this and this costume!

3.) We used our hands to make these adorable Photo Holders, Pencil Toppers and Mini Piñatas!


1.) We found out that we were going to have a baby!! And announced it in the most “Kaitlin” way!

2.) We found out the gender of our baby!

3.) I learned just how crazy and beautiful pregnancy is with each month that passed: 1st Trimester, 4th Month, 5th Month and 6th Month


1.) We traveled across the ocean to visit the beautiful Emerald Isle!

2.) We finally got to see how everything is bigger in Texas!

What was your favorite post from the year?! What would you like to see me create/do/post in this upcoming year?!

(Here is a look back at Auburn Artisan year 1)

Again, I would l like to thank all of you that read my blogs, share my posts, pin my pins, and comment on my content. It is beyond surreal to put yourself and your ideas out in the world and have others offer unconditional support and positivity! Sometimes before I share something I think “no one will care about this…” and time and time again you have proved me wrong! It is so magical to be able to freely be yourself and have people rooting you on for it!

Everyone deserves to express who they are and share what they love! If you have something you are passionate about, I definitely suggest GOING FOR IT!!! What’s the worst that can happen?? You have a fun time making memories, doing something you love?! You should be thinking, “what’s the BEST thing that could happen??” Hunny, all of your dreams could come true!

Photography by Auburn Artisan

Thank you for supporting my love of creating, color and celebrating life each and every day!! It makes it so much more fun to have you along for the ride, and I am just so blessed to have your support! Thank you!!!

Cheers to 2 years!

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