The Office Themed Gender Reveal

Ever since I got pregnant, finding out the gender of our baby was one of the things I was looking forward to the most!  Knowing that you will be bringing a life into the world is nothing short of a miracle, but knowing who you will be bringing into the world makes it just so much more real to me! Being able to call the baby by name, rather than “them” or “the baby” is just so special and life changing. Not only that, but in my recent experience, it was pretty shocking as well!

This past Sunday my husband, Ian and I had a mini gender reveal to help celebrate the news of our baby. Since the time I got pregnant I had grandiose plans for an epic gender reveal with all of our family in attendance. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, these plans didn’t come into fruition.  We had to cancel the party so that we all could maintain our “social distancing” and not chance spreading anything between us.  Which was really disappointing, but at the same time I am happy that we chose to cancel, because our baby’s health is so much more important than having a party.

But with that said, I had already bought almost all of the décor and supplies that I was going to buy for the party… So…. I threw a tiny celebration anyway! haha

To keep with the theme of our pregnancy announcement, I decided to throw a The Office themed gender reveal filled with lots of funny little puns and moments from the show. Just because we all had to be self-quarantined didn’t mean for a second that I wouldn’t be celebrating as best I could! Haha

Of course I had to include a little homage to Dwight’s “It is your birthday.” banner and make our own “It is a baby.” one! And naturally, the banner is accompanied by the tiny, un-inflated balloons that “fit in the palm of my hand“. My balloons may not have been “carpet color”, but this was the perfect opportunity for me to throw in some pink and blue decor!

I wanted to make sure that there was a little touch of The Office everywhere you looked! So, I bought these adorable toppers that any fan of the show would recognize!

My friend, Kevlyn, from Festive Gal made me the most perfect custom party crowns for our day! I had seen people use the saying “here for the sex” at different gender reveals, and always thought it was funny. But I decided to take it to the next level with the infamous “That’s what she said” Office quote to compliment it!

I so wish I could have gotten a pic of all our family members wearing these crowns, but alas I could not… But don’t for a second think I would ever get rid of these babies!!! I am keeping them FOREVER! I love them so!

Of course our doggo’s Indigo and Ben had to get in on the fun and wear their gender-prediction bandanas!

I knew that I wanted to include the “World’s Best Boss” mug somewhere in our day, and decided that this piñata would be the perfect opportunity! And changing it to “World’s Best Baby” fit our theme and our day perfectly!

I constructed this piñata specifically for us to reveal the gender with! We filled the piñata with confetti and balloons in the color of the gender of the baby (pink=girl, blue=boy) but the difficult part about this was the fact that Ian and I did not know the gender! When we went for our anatomy ultrasound, we asked the tech to write down the gender on a piece of paper and put in an envelope so that we could be surprised. We gave the envelope to my brother, and he was in charge of putting the correct color confetti into the piñata! Luckily, he did the task perfectly! haha

It wasn’t until writing this post that I realized I didn’t take a very good photo of the piñata I constructed, ah, c’est la vie… I am still so happy with it! Even though I constructed it a little too well, and the bottom didn’t release when we pulled the strings haha oops!

There were so many things that maybe could have gone better (like the fact that we wish we could have actually had the party) but overall, I am so happy that we did what we did for baby Kirchner! Such a special day and a special memory!

Links: Cupcake Toppers | Custom Party Crowns | Pink and Blue Dress

It’s a GIRL!!!

Photography by Auburn Artisan

3 thoughts on “The Office Themed Gender Reveal

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  2. I love it! How did you make the piñata!? I’d love directions of how to make it. We’d love to use your idea for our gender reveal coming up! Thank you and congrats!


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