Austin Powers, Dr. Evil and Mini Me Costume

Did we have the best Halloween this year? “YEAH, BABY, YEAH!” We absolutely had a blast putting this costume together! Austin Powers is one of my all time favorite movies (all three of them) so of course I knew one of these days I would have to make this happen!

When discussing this costume with my husband, we were deciding who would be dressing as who, and he suggested I could be a fem-bot. I promptly stopped him and informed him I would be no one other than Austin Powers himself! #maincharacter haha And everyone thinks that Scarlett looks more like her dad, so they are the perfect Dr. Evil and Mini-Me duo!

I am actually dressed as Austin Powers from the first movie, and Scarlett and Ian are dressed as Dr. Evil and Mini-Me from the third movie. I absolutely loved the “Hard-Knock Life” scene in Goldmember, so I had to recreate that look for them!

Suit | Shirt | Glasses | Wig

Both Ian and Scar already owned all of their costume pieces

I couldn’t convince my husband to shave his head to be bald like Dr. Evil BUT did convince him to shave his bear to play the part! To be honest, I didn’t even ask him, he just did it! haha We have an ongoing joke that every Halloween he has to shave his beard to fit one of the costumes I came up with for us.

Somehow my wig ended up matching my natural hair almost perfectly! So many people thought I cut my actual hair to create this look haha

This costume has to be one of my favorite costumes of all time! When I tried on my costume for the first time I gasped! Everything came together so well (especially since I shopped for everything online without seeing it together) I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Photos by Auburn Artisan
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Rotten Tomatoes

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