DIY “Brick House” Costume

“SHE’S A BRICK HOUSE! She’s mighty-mighty, lettin’ it all hang out!”  Who else remembers that Commodores song?!  Well, that song is what inspired this DIY Halloween costume!  And I am going to show you exactly how to make your own!

One day I was brainstorming some Halloween costume ideas while listening to music.  Then it happened.  “Brick House” came on and I thought, how fun would it be to make that a costume?!  So I did!


  1. Scissors
  2. Ribbon for straps
  3. Paint (brick red, black and white)
  4. Dollhouse door
  5. Dollhouse windows
  6. Paintbrush
  7. A large cardboard box (not pictured)

*Misc supplies: Pencil, marker, ruler, hot-glue gun*


Step 1:  Measure and cut out a triangular shaped roof on the front and back of the large box.  The other sides of the house will be cut straight across from the bottom of the slant of the roof.


Step 2:  Now that the house shape is cut out of the box, paint all sides white.  This will act as the mortar between the bricks.


Step 3:  Once the white paint is dry, it is time to paint on the bricks!  Make the bricks as large or small as you like.  I used a brush that was the exact width that I wanted to make the bricks, so it made it a lot easier to ensure they were all the same size.

Start along the bottom of the box to make sure the bricks are painted straight.  Leave a little gap between the bricks for the white “mortar” to show.  And don’t worry about making the bricks “perfect”.  The more imperfect they are, the more realistic they look!


Step 4:  Cut out 4 strips of cardboard that are approximately the same length as the pitch of the roof. (I made mine a little longer so there was a bit of an overhang.)  Once the strips are cut out hot-glue them to the house along the slope and then paint black.


Step 5:  Now that the structure of the house is ready to go, it’s time for the fun stuff!  Paint the door and windows.  I chose to paint them white so that they would pop out against the brick but at the same time match the mortar, but you are welcome to paint them whatever color you choose!  An accent colored door would be really fun!


Step 6:  I decided to customize the windows and add some fun photos behind them, like this picture of a dancing girl!  I also decided to make shutters for the windows as well.  To do this, I cut out mini strips of cardboard the length of the side of the window.  I painted them black to match the roof.


Step 7:  Time to glue on the door and windows!


Step 8:  This step is optional, but I thought it was essential!  I added lots of cute details to make the house feel a little more like a home!  Some things I added were flower boxes below each window, a welcome mat under the door, address numbers and a roof awning over the door.

Step 9:  Now it’s time to make it “wearable”.  Take your ribbon and cut it the length of the height you would like the house to sit at.  It is easiest if you step inside the house and hold it up where you would like it to sit and get a helper to help hold the ribbon to see where you will need to cut it.  Once you cut the length of the first strap, make sure to make an identical cut for the second strap.

Now that your straps are the right length, glue or tape them onto the inside of the house.  Make sure to glue/tape each strap at the exact same distance on the inside so that the straps sit the same on each shoulder.

Step 10: Wear it!!

Photography by Auburn Artisan

8 thoughts on “DIY “Brick House” Costume

  1. Oh my gosh, I love it!! Thank you for the tutorial. I’m definitely using this to make my costume this year. Question — Do you remember what kind of paint you used on the cardboard?


    1. Oh my goodness!! I am sooo happy you like it!! Cannot wait to see how yours turns out! Please tag me on Instagram (if you have one) once it’s finished!!! @auburnartisan
      As for your question, first I painted a white primer as the “mortar” between the bricks and then I just used a deep red acrylic paint for the bricks!


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