Scarlett’s TOY STORY THEMED Second Birthday Party

My baby girl turns TWO INFINITY AND BEYOND in just a couple of weeks, and since her current obsession is Toy Story, I knew I had to create the most root’n toot’n time for her!!! Yeehaw!

We decided to throw Scarlett’s second birthday party about a month early since her baby sister will be born right around her actual birthday. We wanted all the focus to be on her and her big day, so we thought throwing it early would be our best bet! Plus, I wouldn’t have to lug around a newborn while I decorated and entertained if we threw it early, so, win-win! haha

It was SO SPECIAL to watch Scarlett have the time of her life celebrating her birthday!! Especially compared to her first birthday, where she had a bit of cold during :/ She was SO excited to see all the decorations and have all her friends there to celebrate! The absolute cutest/most rewarding thing ever!!!

We went all out with the party decor! This little cardboard village scene was my absolute favorite part though!

For food, we decided to serve (not pictured) Pizza Planet pizza! Along with a few other snacks like this cute little Mr. Potato Head fruit and veggie tray we created!

My favorite local cookie-maker was booked up for our party, so unfortunately I was unable to order cookies from her. Instead, I went ahead and decided to make some myself! They are not perfect (by any means) but I am pretty proud of how they turned out!

The cake and cupcakes were made by another local baker that my mom works with and they were delicious! And turned out so perfectly on theme! Love those little alien cupcakes!!

My husband and I sat down for a good 10 mins one night trying to come up with some punny/themed drinks to serve our guests… after heavily debating, we came up with “Lightyear Lemonade” (lemonade dyed green) and “Bo Peep Punch” (fruit punch)! haha

Simply ignore the duct tape that was required to keep this banner in place all day… *rolls eyes*

This party was chalk-full of DIYs! I have so much fun creating unique handmade decor! As if you didn’t already know! And the fact that Toy Story is literally THE BEST kids movie made it so much more fun to do!

I constructed and decorated these cute little cardboard buildings to match the cardboard village that Andy was playing with in the first movie!

Other than the cardboard village, we put together a fun balloon garland featuring all the iconic colors and patterns of Woody and Buzz! And we bought a cloud backdrop to match Andy’s wallpaper in his room! Along with the balloons and backdrop we decided to make our own parachuting army men coming down over the cake and cupcakes! We made these out of paper towels and string!

Another DIY were these alien goody bags for all the kiddos! I just bought green goody bags and decorated them with paper eyes and drew on all the other features by hand!

I was originally planning on making my own piñata from scratch for the kids to bust open (here are a few examples of piñatas I have made in the past: rainbow, watermelon) but when I was at Hobby Lobby one day I spotted this ADORABLE little cowboy boot piñata and just knew I had to get it!! It was perfectly on theme as-is, but I decided to go ahead and make my own little snakes to help finish the look! “I’VE GOT A SNAKE IN MY BOOT!

Also, purchasing a piñata rather than hand-making one made it a bit less painful when the kiddos finally were able to bust it open as well! haha

Scarlett had such a great time celebrating her birthday with all our closest friends and family! Birthday celebrations are my ABSOLUTE favorite, so my heart was so full of joy watching her enjoy the festivities as well!

Happy second birthday to my little cowgirl!!! I pray you REACH FOR THE SKY and always find joy in all the little things in life!

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