Bumpdate – First Trimester

I wake up every morning in complete shock that I am carrying a life inside me! I have wanted to become a mother for SO LONG (anyone that truly knows me knows I was born a mother lol), so the fact that it is actually happening is just such a blessing and Ian and I are both just so excited! Each month I am going to document the changes to my body, my mind and my world; the beautiful journey of becoming a mom! Today, I am going to recap my first trimester of pregnancy so far (what?!) and you will get to see my first bump pics and read a few pregnancy Q&A’s that I will keep up with for each following month until D-Day! (delivery day) Let’s go!

I knew I wanted to document my changing belly by taking a picture each month, and I thought it would be fun to incorporate a little theme with them! (I mean duh, we all know I love a good theme) What I decided to do was to make giant numbers (that represent the month of pregnancy I am in) decorated with the coordinating holiday/theme of that month! So, when I was 1 month pregnant, it was December- so I created a number 1 completely covered in colorful Christmas presents! I was 2 months pregnant in January- so I covered the number 2 in hand-cut snowflakes! And I am 3 months pregnant in February- so I covered my number 3 entirely with monochrome Valentines hearts! I thought this would be a fun way to remember how far along I was each month to countdown until August!

I am only 3 months, and not much has changed with my body (at least not as much as it will!) but I still find it so neat to look at the progression each month and notice some of the changes! If you look at my face in month 1, you realize how exhausted I am! Haha It’s cool to see me actually gaining more and more energy back each month and now in month 3 I am feeling so much better! I also chose to wear the same dress each month as well so the changes in my belly are more obvious! (Don’t worry, it’s super stretchy!)

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Q: How Far Along?

A: Today, I am 15 weeks! Which means I am in my 3rd month!

Q: Symptoms?

A: Morning Sickness – For me, it is really only morning sickness! Since probably 8 weeks I wake up every morning, puke, and then I am good to go!
Sleepiness – The beginning of the trimester I really think I could have slept all day long! I would take a nap every day after work and then go to bed super early each night and still feel exhausted! I guess it doesn’t help that it is winter and every day is perpetually cold and dark here in Ohio! Starting around 12 weeks or so I have started to regain some energy though!
Sore Breasts – man, oh man. This has been my most annoying pregnancy symptom! They are soooo uncomfortable at all times of the day!
Frequent Urination – This really didn’t hit me until maybe around 7 weeks and then it really started to peak! I would wake up twice a night for a bathroom visit which made me feel even more tired! Lately, it has subsided a bit, only having to wake up once to go at night!

Q: Movement?

Not quite sure! There were a few times I thought I felt something, but I’m sure I am looking into it too much.

Q: Food Cravings?

I have had so many cravings! I started off my pregnancy really craving salty things and recently have wanting all the sweets (which is odd for me!) Specifically though, I have craved: mozzarella sticks, pickles, Frisch’s ranch AND tartar sauce, nachos, white cake with chocolate icing, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, poptarts, extreme sour sweetarts, lots of chocolate milk and lemonade. 

Q: Food Aversions?

I would say my ONLY aversion this pregnancy has been coffee!!! Simply the smell of it makes me puke! I used to love it and looked forward to my coffee every morning, but apparently baby Kirch does not feel the same!

Q: Gender Prediction?

I started off the pregnancy “KNOWING” it was a boy, but now that I am further along, I honestly have no idea! I am so bad at predicting other peoples baby genders, so odds are I will be awful at predicting my own too! haha

Q: Names?

Boy – Judah (nn. Jude)
Girl – Scarlett
We have a short list for middle names for both, but haven’t decided for sure yet!

Q: Have You Started Showing?

Maybe a little? Or that maybe just a little pouch from all the sweets I have been eating? haha

Q: Best Moment This Trimester?

Our absolute favorite moment was seeing our baby on the sonogram at 9 weeks! We totally didn’t realize that it was a video rather than just taking pictures! So, when we saw our little babe dancing their little arms around, Ian and I immediately started crying! So surreal to know I will be able to cuddle (and dance with) that sweet baby in just a few short months!

Q: Worst Moment This Trimester?

I really don’t think there was a particular bad moment, I just wish I wouldn’t read so many forums online! I have just been stressing over each little thing and we all know googling things do not help anything!

Q: Looking Forward To?

So many things! But mainly, finding out the gender of baby Kirch!

Check back in each month to see my progression and hear all my pregnancy woes and highlights!

3 thoughts on “Bumpdate – First Trimester

  1. Your hair is amazing!!
    I LOVE the name Judah/Jude!!! It was at the top of my list but my hubby said no!
    I am so excited to watch your pregnancy Unfold (is that the right word? LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

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