Bumpdate – 5 Months

I cannot tell if this pregnancy is flying by or if it is dragging on?? Either way, here we are at 5 months! So many changes, and so much growth is happening lately and I am just so blessed to be able to experience all the ups and downs that pregnancy brings!

Q: Symptoms?

A: Frequent Urination– I was doing well, but this month the frequent urination has returned… I feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes! She is sitting so low still, so I am sure that all of her extra weight is sitting right on top of my bladder… joy. lol

Morning Sickness– At the start of this month I had a couple episodes, but I have been feeling great recently! Just a bit of indigestion right after I eat certain things.

Hip Pain/Sciatica– This symptom has been a pain in my butt! (literally) I never in my life felt a pain quite like sciatica! It is awful!!! I thought I may have some back pain in my pregnancy, but I never dreamed it would happen so early!! Again, I think this is happening due to the fact that she is sitting SO LOW!
Although this month I have experienced the worst hip pain/sciatica that I have so far, I also have come up with a routine recently that has helped A LOT! So for those of you that asked me to relay the message if I find a “cure” for the pain, here has what has been working for me so far:
1.) I wake up every morning and do deep stretches/yoga poses (mostly focused on stretching my legs, hips and back) for about 5 minutes
2.) Before bed I do 20 pelvic thrusts/hip bridges and 20 squats

Q: Movement?

A: Yes!! She is constantly dancing and flipping around and I can feel her kicking me all the time!! Turns out I could totally feel her from super early on, but I just assumed it was something else since online it said I “wouldn’t be able to feel things yet“, just figured it was gas or something haha
But now Ian has been able to feel her little kicks too! It’s the sweetest thing!

Q: Food Craving?

A: Honestly, have not had many cravings at all this month that I can really think of! Nothing out of the usual, anyway! Maybe cookies???

Q: Food Aversions?

A: I am still good in this department too! The smell of coffee doesn’t put me off at all anymore, but I still am not going to attempt to drink any! Just in case lol

Q: Gender Prediction?

A: Totally was predicting that the baby was a boy, and even could have SWORE the ultrasound tech said the word “his” during our anatomy scan, but it turns out baby Kirchner is a girl!!!!

Q: Names?

A: Scarlett ❤
Middle name has not been determined yet lol Luckily Ian and I both like the same names, so I know we will agree on one! I am just having a hard time picking from the list of names we have picked out!

Q: Have You Started Showing?

A: Yes! But she is still sitting sooooo low! You honestly cannot tell that I am pregnant unless I am wearing tight clothing. I get “Wow! You don’t even look pregnant” all the time! Which you would think would make me feel good, but the fact that I am such a worrier by nature it’s makes me feel worse! I am constantly worrying about if she is growing at the speed she should be! But I guess every person carries differently, cause she is right on track at every doc appointment we go to.

Q: Best Moment So Far This Month?

A: Man! There are so many great moments this month!!! My favorites would have to be:
1.) Seeing her sweet little face on the ultrasound! We had our anatomy scan when I was 19.5 weeks, and had no idea that the tech would take a few 3D photos as well as the normal 2D ones! I cannot stop looking at the 3D photo of her face! (It’s the background on my phone) So crazy that we will actually get to see her beautiful face in person in 4 short months!
2.) Finding out that she is a girl! If you haven’t already heard/read, we had a very mini gender reveal a few weeks ago, and I was COMPLETELY shocked to find out she is a girl!!! It is SO nice being able to call her by name now and shop for some things for her! (online of course)
3.) Feeling her dance around in my belly! Ian and I have instituted something we call “Scarlett Time” (or Scarlett Hour) where we lay in bed, I put an ear bud in my belly button (the best natural speaker haha) and play her music! She loves it! Or maybe hates it… depending on whether she is trying to dance or if she is trying to move away from the music… either way, it has been so fun sharing our love of music with her and feel her move! So far, the song she moves the most to is “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan. I have a feeling she will be very dramatic lol

Q: Worst Moment So Far This Month?

A: By far, the worst part of this month has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is just such uncertain times right now, and the fact that I work at a hospital on the front line scares me a lot. And the fact that we just don’t know how the virus could affect a pregnant woman or her baby just makes everything so much scarier. I have been trying my best to stay positive and do everything in my power to put myself less at risk (quarantining myself home after work, wearing masks and goggles at work, staying away from others and washing my hands a MILLION times a day) because it’s really all I can do. Stress isn’t good for your baby either, so staying positive is my best defense. Praying that my health remains well, and that this virus pandemic ends soon.

Q: Looking Forward To?

A: I would say I am probably most excited now for my baby shower! We are planning for it to be held in June, but depending on the virus we may have to change the date. Either way, it will be such a great time being able to celebrate Scarlett with all my closest friends and family!

Here are some links for my first trimester and 4th month Bumpdates.

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