Surprise – We’re Having a Baby!

I have waited my ENTIRE life to be able to share this news, and now that it is time, I just think I could cry! (And I will, a lot. And I do, all the time) Ian and I are having a baby!!!

Starting a family with one another was something that we both dreamed of since we first started dating almost 12 years ago, and now that it is finally happening… it’s just so surreal.

Each day I wake up feeling so completely blessed and shocked and excited (and nauseous- thanks hormones) that our lives are going to be drastically changing in just 6 short months!

We found out we were expecting on the morning of Ian’s 27th birthday, and I honestly don’t think there could have been a more perfect day to find out! I mean what a great bday gift?! Just a little upset I will never be able to top this one! Haha

You have no idea how hard it was to keep that news under wraps the last 14 weeks! I am the absolute worst at keeping secrets, but I am a pro at surprises, so I had to keep telling myself that I wasn’t keeping a secret with this pregnancy, I was hiding a surprise! haha Funny how the mind works! 

Since I was young, my mother always told me to not tell too many people about my pregnancy until after the first trimester since that is when the risk of miscarriage falls drastically. It would have been devastating to have shared our happy news with the world and then have our hearts shattered with a miscarriage- so I kept pretty strict with this general rule and we only shared the news with immediate friends and family. Most of which we told very recently! I really wanted to make sure everything was okay with the progression of the baby before spilling the beans! But, with me being a person that loves to celebrate every little thing in life it really was hard to keep it a surprise! So now, being able to finally announce it and share the happiness with all our loved ones… I am just on cloud nine!

Baby Kirchner is due on August 9th and there is nothing else in the world that I look forward to more than cuddling and squeezing that sweet, sweet baby.

I will keep everyone updated with the progress of our baby through monthly “BUMPDATES”! (Hint, hint, first one will hit the blog on Sunday!) Thank you all for the warm wishes! To say we are thrilled would be an understatement! ❤

P.S. Would it really be my baby announcement without a little bit of The Office thrown into the mix?!

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