DIY Mini Heartbreaker Piñatas

You know how there are some things that make you so angry that you just want to smash them? Yeah, these little piñatas are just for that! I mean piñatas are really made for that anyway, right?! These mini heartbreaker piñatas are so much fun to make and even more fun to destroy! (warning: feeling of overwhelming peace may overcome your body after smashing these bad boys)

Yeah, yeah Valentines Day is supposed to be all about love, but sometimes where there once was love, now is heartbreak. And sometimes, to get over that heartbreak, you just need to break something! The best part about these mini pinatas is the fact that you can customize them to whatever you want to smash! ha! Get creative!!!

And an added bonus is, once you destroy what has wronged you, you get a little treat! Win-win amirite?!

Mini Heartbreaker Piñatas

– Cardboard
– Streamers/Crepe Paper (Pink and Red)
– Cardstock Paper (White)
– Glue
– X-acto Knife
– Scissors
– Masking Tape

How To:
1.) Take your x-acto knife and cut out 2 identical heart shapes. These will act as the front and back face of the piñata.
2.) Next, we will need to cut out a long strip of cardboard to act as the sides of the piñata. This strip will need to be able to cover the entire perimeter of the heart, so make sure it is long enough. The width of the strip depends on how wide you would like your piñata to be. I cut mine about 4” wide.
3.) Now that you have your 2 identical hearts and long strip (or multiple shorter strips) cut out of the cardboard, it is time to assemble them all together. Lay down one of your hearts and tape the cardboard strip along the entire perimeter of the heart. Now that you have an even lip around the outside of the heart, take your other heart shape and tape it to the perimeter lip. Once both sides are fully taped with the strip in the middle you have your basic piñata shape complete!
4.) If you plan on filling your piñata with lots of goodies, make sure to cut a little access flap to be able to insert them when your piñata is finished. Also, if you would like to hang your piñata, now is the time to make a couple holes to string up the piñata.
5.) Once your basic cardboard heart piñata has been assembled, it’s time to make it pretty! Take your streamer/crepe paper and glue it layer by layer (from top to bottom) across the entirety of the piñata.
*If you would like a little extra texture, go ahead and fringe the streamer/crepe paper before gluing down*
6.) Now that your piñata is covered with the streamers/crepe paper all that is left to do is decide what you would like your piñata to say! Think of all the things you hate most- taxes, pop quizzes, alarm clocks? You got it! Cut whatever you would like your piñata to say out of the white cardstock paper and glue it on the front of the piñata when you are satisfied!
7.) Now, all that’s left to do is SMASH that piñata full of hate!!!!! Haha!


Here is the fun part- make your piñatas say something that YOU want to smash!!!! It will make the destruction that much more fun!

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

Now that you have had a chance to let out all your pent up aggression, you can get back into loving things this Valentines Day! haha! Hope you had as much fun as I did making these! ❤

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