Bumpdate – 6 Months

How on earth am I already 6 months pregnant?! Man oh man, this pregnancy is flying by… But at the same time, dragging on?? (I blame that on Covid-19 though) Either way, it is so crazy that we will get to meet our sweet baby girl in 3 short months! Ahhh!! I don’t know if I am ready!!!

Q: Symptoms?

A: Frequent Urination– This has really become an issue this month! I swear I am going every 10 minutes!! Especially so when I am up and walking around! The weight of her sitting on my bladder makes trips to the bathroom very frequent!

Nausea/Indigestion/Heartburn– I have had very limited spouts of nausea this month, so that is definitely a plus! But now, I have been experiencing a bit of indigestion… It really doesn’t help the fact that I LOVE spicy and sour foods/snacks! I guess we will see how long I am able to handle my current taste in foods!

Hip Pain/Sciatica– I have come A LONG way with my hip pain from last month!!! I think it is partially due to the fact that I have established a stretching/exercise routine that has really helped me (check out my 5 month bumpdate to see my routine) and the fact that the baby has moved up a bit and not sitting so low on my hips! Going on walks used to exacerbate the pain, but lately it has really been helping! The thing that has giving me the most hip pain lately is sleeping… I cannot find a comfortable position to save my life (and yes I have tried sleeping with the pillow between my legs AND yes we bought a brand new mattress a few months ago) so that has been annoying since I need sleep so much more now. Guess I will just have to deal with it!

Q: Movement?

A: Oh my gosh yes!!!! I mostly feel her moving right after I eat, or right before bed! I was told by everyone that the best part of pregnancy is feeling the baby’s little kicks, and I have to agree!! Not only is it incredible to feel, it also gives me reassurance that she is doing A-OK in there, which is something I have constantly been worrying about my whole pregnancy!

My favorite part about her moving around so much lately is her interactions with Ian! Our latest thing is that he tries to “pick a fight” with her and will push on my belly to try to egg her on, and she kicks him right back! Then he usually talks smack trying to get her to kick him again, she does, and then it is an endless cycle until she has enough. haha I belly-laugh every single time, and I cannot wait to see those two wrestle around in person when she is older! ❤ Definitely one of the things I will look back most fondly on!

Q: Food Craving?

A: Lots of sweets this month! Mostly chocolate chip cookies, oreos, chocolate milk, ice cream and lots of strawberry lemonade! Although, I don’t know if it is so much me craving these things, or just that they are available for me? Ian has gotten into the habit of picking me up a bag of goodies (full of this stuff) at least once a week which has been incredibly sweet of him, but also at the same time, I think he is doing it as much for himself as he is for Scarlett lol He always makes sure to get in on the snacks!

Q: Food Aversions?

A: None whatsoever! Again, the only thing I would classify under this would be coffee! Still have no desire to drink it, but man, am I looking forward to it after Scarlett gets here (when I know I will need it).

Q: Gender?

A: Girl ❤

Q: Name?

A: First Name – Scarlett
Middle Name(s) – TBD! We have come down to two that we really love and that have meaning to both of us, but I still don’t know if I want to choose one of them for her, or give her both??

Q: Have You Started Showing?

A: Slowly, but surely, yes! Although I have yet to be asked “when are you due?” by any strangers… maybe it’s still not obvious I am pregnant, or maybe people have finally started to understand that it is rude to assume a person with a round tummy is pregnant? Who knows… I also contribute this to the fact that I have not come in contact with many people at all through the Covid-19 lockdown. Either way, I am not at all as round as I thought I would be at 6 months pregnant!

Q: Best Moment So Far This Month?

A: I would have to say, my favorite thing about this month would definitely would have to be feeling her moving so much more! She has started to kind of move in patterns and I can tell exactly what time in the day she is more likely to start dancing around!
I also was able to see her again on ultrasound this month, and let me tell you, we are in for trouble… The tech was trying to get an updated picture of her face so that we can see what changes she has gone through in a month, but Scarlett was NOT having it! She had her hands up over her face the entire time (like she always does) and when the tech tried to nudge her to move, she literally turned her entire face toward my spine so we couldn’t get a picture of her AT ALL. Little stinker! I can tell she is going to be my little stubborn baby that can’t be bothered! And honestly that makes me so excited!! haha I cannot wait to see her little personality bloom!

Q: Worst Moment So Far This Month?

A: I don’t know if I can contribute this to my hormones, or Covid-19, or maybe a combination of both- but I have been deep in the dumps a few times this month. Like everyone, the uncertainty of knowing when things will be “back to normal” is a lot to deal with. I have basically been on lockdown since I first found out I was pregnant in December. During my first trimester I was simply too tired to do anything or hang out with any friends, and now that I have the energy to go out and do stuff, I am stuck at home because of Covid-19. Each day of 2020 has felt the exact same to me, and it is hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel in this situation when you have no idea how long the tunnel actually is.
I have certainly had a few good cries and mourned what all I dreamed my pregnancy would be like compared to how it has had to be because of Covid-19. And that’s okay. No matter what your situation is looking like right now, it is okay to be upset with not being able to do or celebrate things right now, no matter how trivial they may seem.
Despite feeling a little blue, I know I will never get this precious time with Scarlett (in my belly) back, so I am trying to make the absolute most of it and focus on all the positives in my life; especially her.

Q: Looking Forward To?

A: I am very hopeful and optimistic that I will be able to have a baby shower (even if it has to be later than what we had planned), so I am mostly looking forward to that! Planning out the registry and party decor gives me a little hope, so I will continue doing that even if a baby shower becomes out of the question!

Here is a look at my first trimester, 4 month and 5 month bumpdates in case you missed it!

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