DIY Watermelon Piñata

Yet another fruit inspired DIY this Summer… and this one is SMASHING!  Today I am going to show you how to make your very own watermelon piñata!

This piñata is great to help celebrate any party and also cute enough to just use as decor in your home!  And may I add, so easy to do!



  1. Cardboard box (larger box yields larger piñata)
  2. Black construction paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Tissue paper/crepe paper

**Other supplies not shown include: masking tape, pencil and marker**

Step 1.) Draw out the base shape of your piñata on your cardboard.  For a watermelon piñata you will need to sketch out a semi-circle.  Once you are satisfied with your shape, cut it out!

Step 2.)  Once you have your first shape cut out of the cardboard, use is as a stencil to create a duplicate piece.  You will need an identical cut so that the piñata will be 3D.  Also, make sure that you remember to cut out a “door” in one of your sides so that you can fill the piñata with candy when its finished.

Not only will you need the front and back of the piñata, you will also need the sides!  Decide how thick you would like your piñata and cut out straight pieces of cardboard.  Make sure all side pieces are the same thickness.

Step 3:  Now it is time to tape all the sides together!  Make sure to keep everything straight and aligned before taping.  The straight pieces may need to be bend a little beforehand to make them more flexible.  When the sides are matched up and you are ready to begin taping, remember, there is never too much tape!  Use as much as you think needed to reinforce the structure.

Tape around the entirety of the structure making sure everything is covered and is a solid 3D shape.

Step 4:  Now that the new structure is completely taped together and solid, it’s time to make the fringe for the design!  For the fringe you can use either tissue paper, or crepe paper (streamers work great).  Make sure if you get tissue paper, to cut it down into approximately 4 inch thick strips.  This will help make the piñata look fuller in texture.

Once you have strips of tissue paper or crepe paper, you will need to make multiple cuts to create the fringe effect.  What you will do is make a cut about 1 inch deep slices going up the paper approximately 1/2 inches apart each other.  Continue cuts across the entire length of the paper.   You will continue this step until you have enough material to cover the entire piñata. (front, back and sides)

Step 5:  Once you have all of your fringe cut in all the different colors you need, it’s time to glue it on your structure!  Take one sheet at a time and glue the paper down the around the entire edge of the structure.  Continue stacking layers of the paper approximately 1/2 inch apart from another to ensure none of the cardboard will show behind the fringe.

With this particular piñata you will be changing colored paper as you progress.  Depending on how thick you would like your rind you will have to add more layers of the same color.  (For example, on my piñata I did 3 layers of dark green, 2 layers of light green, two layers of white, 2 layers of pink and then finished it with red.)

Step 6:  Once you have finished fringing one side of the piñata, make sure to flip it over and do the back, as well as the sides and bottom of it.  Make sure you fringe around the “door” on your back side of the piñata.  You will need to be able to access that opening for the candy.  Unless you choose to stuff the piñata prior to fringing it.  In that case, feel free to cover the “door”.

Step 7:  Now that the watermelon piñata is completely covered with fringe, it’s time to add the finishing touch – the seeds!  Cut a teardrop shape out of black construction paper.  Repeat as many times as you like!  Once all your seeds are cut out, glue them overtop the fringe on your piñata.


Step 8:  Admire your piñata!  And possibly cry over the fact that someone will be smashing all your hard work..  Either way, be proud!  You did it!

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