Bumpdate – 4 Months

Hello second trimester! Well, technically I have been in it for a few weeks, but still! This is supposed to be the “golden trimester” where I get all my energy back and feel much more myself! Where as I don’t feel all the way back to normal yet, I have noticed a positive change! Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to embrace my pregnancy to the fullest! For now, here are my month 4 updates!

Q: Symptoms?

A: Morning Sickness – Everything I read says that for most this symptom should go away this trimester, and so far it has gone away for the most part, but unfortunately, I’m not out of the water yet! It seems like the only mornings I tend to get sick anymore are mornings before work. I wonder if I can get a doctor’s note excusing me for “being allergic to work”? hmmm worth a shot maybe? lol

Sore Breasts – I don’t know if they have gotten better or if I have just gotten used to them, but I don’t notice the pain as much and sleeping has been a lot easier! They do still hurt to the touch though, so not totally over that part haha

Frequent Urination – Honestly, aside from waking up once (sometimes twice) every night, I am pretty much back to normal in this department!

Tailbone Pain – I’m not sure if this is pregnancy, or our bed (which we just bought a new one, so if this pain goes away it must have been that) but I have had excruciating pain in my tailbone! It makes it so hard to sit up in the morning or stand up out of a chair! Maybe my hips are moving? I have no idea! But I am not a fan haha Anyone else have this problem when they were pregnant?

Q: Movement?

A: Still not totally for sure!! I have felt little “jabs” here and there, but I don’t know if that is actually the baby or not! It makes me happy to think that the baby is dancing in there though!

Q: Food Cravings?

A: Lots and lots of Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup and chocolate chip cookies! That is basically it! I could eat that soup for every meal at this point.

Q: Food Aversions?

A: The smell of coffee isn’t as huge a turn off as it was before (unless it is brewed really strong early in the morning) but I still have no desire to drink any! Although, I could really use the extra energy since my alarm goes off at 3:15am for work.. I guess baby Kirch is just trying to get me used to very limited energy haha

Q: Gender Prediction?

A: I honestly have NO idea!!!!!! I keep going back and forth! I have not had any real “intuition” about it at all! I have had one dream where the baby was a girl and one where the baby was a boy… so no help there haha

Q: Names?

A: Boy – Judah (nn: Jude)

     Girl – Scarlett 

We will decide the middle names for sure when we find out the gender!!

Q: Have You Started Showing?

A: I have a little in my lower tummy, but I don’t feel like it is much at all! I just feel like I don’t really “look pregnant” in any clothing unless it is skin tight!

Q: Best Moment So Far This Month?

A: Finally announcing baby Kirch! It was such a hard secret to keep!!! So, I am feeling soooo much relief over the fact that people know now! Although, I keep forgetting people know! When they say “congrats” to me in person, I always have to think about why they are congratulating me haha 

I also have LOVED playing music for the baby to hear and (hopefully) dance to! Not to be biased, but I feel like we are giving the baby all the BEST music to jam to in there! Including some Beatles, CCR, ELO, Elton John, Billy Joel and John Mayer! Which I guess is pretty masculine-heavy music considering those are all guys… guess I’ll have to throw in some powerhouse women in the mix this month to give them more diversity!

Q: Worst Moment So Far This Month?

A: Again, I am just so in my head about any and every little thing! I have been endlessly googling pregnant belly pics because I feel like mine is not big enough at this point! And of course all the websites say, “everyone is different, don’t compare yourself to others” blah, blah, blah! Haha But, it still is a concern of mine, so hopefully baby Kirch pops out soon!

Q: Looking Forward To?

A: Our gender reveal!!!! I cannot wait to find out if we are having a son or daughter!!!

Check out my first trimester update here!

4 thoughts on “Bumpdate – 4 Months

  1. Oh my gosh you’re so cute! I was really worried about not being big enough for a while and then he pooped out! So no worries you’ll be there probably in the next month or so! I can tell a difference in each picture!❤️ Also lower back pain was a huge thing for me also! It goes away for a couple months and then near month 7 for me just in the last week or so I’ve been having groin and pelvic pain along with the return of back pain so just do your stretches and keep that walking game strong!

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  2. Congrats Kaitlin on your pregnancy! I had the tailbone pain in pregnancy but it started much later and still continue to suffer. Saw a physio and they said it had ‘bent’ in because of whatever way the baby was lying. An osteopath really helped me after the pregnancy with the pain but I still do suffer a couple of years later 😭 particularly standing up after sitting for a while, hopefully you can get it sorted. Do see someone though it’s not standard and you shouldn’t put up with it. Wishing you all the best over the coming months!


    1. Thank you so much!!!! Yes! Mine mostly happens when I am standing or walking after sitting (I sit most of the day at my job)! I am carrying really low, so I thought that maybe it was that? And the added weight on my lower back? I’m not too sure, but thank you! I will definitely reach out to someone!!


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