DIY Artist Costume

Welcome to my first Halloween look of 2019! With a name like Auburn Artisan, I was destined to make an artist Halloween costume one of theses days! And today is your lucky day!! You just need a few supplies and you can make your own!

Artist Costume

– 1 Cardboard Tube (I used a left over wrapping-paper tube)
– Brown Pipe Cleaners
– Metallic Silver Tape
– 1 White Foam Board
– Paint
– Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
– Scissors
– String
– X-Acto Knife

Other Costume Items:
– Beret
– Black and White Striped Top

1.) Paint your cardboard tube any color you like!
2.) Once the paint is completely dry, wrap your silver tape around approximately 1/3rd of the tube.
3.) Bunch together all your pipe cleaners and stick it through the opening of the tube on the side that you put the silver tape on. Use hot glue gun to permanently affix the pipe cleaners onto the inside of the tube.
4.) You can leave the pipe cleaners sticking out to make it look like more of a fan brush, or you can group them together at the tip to make it look a little more pointed.

1.) Cut out an oval shape from your foam board. Once circle is cut, cut out sections of the oval for you to grab the palette by. This means to cut out a rounded notch on the side and a hole right below it. (use my images as reference for the shape)
2.) Paint different colored “paint” globs around the outer rim of the palette, opposite from the part you hold.
3.) Poke small holes on both sides of the palette and tie your sting between. These will make the palette “wearable”.


Paint Brush


I am so obsessed with this huge paint brush and I honestly will probably display it somewhere in my house whenever Halloween is over! Don’t judge! It also inspires me to make a few more larger than life art supply items to adorn my (hopefully) soon-to-be art studio!

Creating this look was so much fun and SOOOO easy! Throw in another person dressed up as an easel or a tube of paint, and it will be the absolute cutest couples costume/mama-and-me costume!

You can even throw the palette over your back like a shield, and sling your paint brush like a sword if you want to be a SUPER artist! See, this costume has so much versatility!

Photographed and created by Auburn Artisan

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