Bumpdate – 9 Months

Excuse me while I cry… This month officially marks 9 months of pregnancy with our baby Scarlett. 9 months. Full term baby!

Cannot believe that our daughter could arrive any day now. It is so bittersweet, really. Although this has felt like one of the single worst years for so many reasons, to me, this year has been one of the best years of my life. No, nothing really worked out the way I expected it to for my first pregnancy.  There was no real celebrating until this last month, I wasn’t able to leave the house for months because of COVID and so many of my closest friends and family did not get to see me pregnant at all- and if they did, maybe only once. I did not get all the belly rubs I always dreamed of or any of the fun shopping around for baby stuff… but honestly, I don’t think I would change it for the world.

When the world stops, it forces you to focus on what you have. To focus on the good. What I realized I had/have is such an amazing support system. Though I may not have been able to physically be there with a lot of people throughout this pregnancy, I definitely still felt their presence. 

Most of all, I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. To see how much effort he puts into every day to ensure that Scarlett and I are safe, happy and loved, truly reminds me why I chose him as a life partner. It makes me so excited to expand our family of 2 into a family of 3. ❤

Q: Symptoms?

A: Being 9 months pregnant is no walk in the park, let me tell you. In fact, I don’t think I could even go for a full walk in the park at this point without suffering from at least one of these symptoms! My body is starting to get tired and weary! haha

Frequent Urination – At this point I am pretty used to these countless trips to the bathroom day and night. The only thing different this month about it is the urgency! I feel like I am good one second and then the next second I have to go immediately, or I will pee my pants! I guess that’s what happens when your baby’s head is sitting on your bladder.

Heart Burn/Indigestion – I still have not had to deal with these symptoms much at all! Just some indigestion every now and then (usually when I am laying down) so I really can’t complain! I have heard some people get heart burn something fierce!

Hip Pain/Sciatica – This stubborn symptom seems like it will never go away! So incredibly tired of my hips popping and breaking with every movement!

General Back Pain – Holding up all this extra weight is a pain in the back! Literally!

Braxton Hicks – Been feeling these “practice” contractions a bit more and more recently! Looks like they are trying to prepare me for go-time! Still not painful at all for me though!

Lightning Crotch – The dreaded lighting crotch strikes again this month! I’ve noticed that these usually come on around the same time as my Braxton Hicks contractions. Maybe I am getting close to being ready for labor!

Edema (Swollen Ankles)Hello, new symptom! *rolls eyes* My feet have really swollen up this month!! I know that is a pretty common symptom for people, but man, it seems like it came out of nowhere!! I guess that’s what I get for being 9 months pregnant during the hottest time of the summer! haha

Most Prominent Symptom During Entire Pregnancy – I really thought in the beginning that my sore breasts or my morning sickness would be the “defining symptoms” of my pregnancy, but honestly, I would have to say that my “worst” symptom was my hip pain! I am really looking forward to being able to sleep on my back and just function normally after pregnancy… At least I pray I will be back to normal!

Q: Movement?

A: Absolutely my favorite part of pregnancy. Feeling/watching her kick, squirm, dance and stretch in there is just so unreal. It’s so special to experience. Going to miss it so much when she gets here. I know I will get to have her out in the world kicking and squirming, but there is just something so magical about feeling it inside of you!

Q: Food Craving?

A: No real cravings this whole month! Besides maybe sushi?? Right now food doesn’t sound good or bad to me, it’s just a necessity. Which is not normally how I operate! So, that’s odd!

Most Prominent Food Craving During Entire Pregnancy – I am a bit disappointed that I never had one of those super random/odd food cravings that you always hear about! (like pickles and ice cream!) I have basically been eating all the same things I did before becoming pregnant! I would say the only exception would be chocolate? I normally don’t care for chocolate but have wanted it every now and then throughout pregnancy. Specifically, chocolate milk! I guess that has been my number 1 craving?

Q: Food Aversions?

A: Really nothing at all! Coffee hasn’t really deterred me in a long time! I just haven’t really wanted to drink any yet! I know when I am up all hours of the night and day with her when she arrives, I will want some though! haha

Most Prominent Food Aversion During Entire Pregnancy – considering it has been my ONLY aversion all pregnancy, the winner would be coffee!

Q: Gender?

A: Precious baby girl

Q: Name?

A: Scarlett ❤
Stay tuned for the birth announcement to hear her middle name(s)!!

Q: Have You Started Showing?

A: I finally have the bump I have always wanted! I am one of those weird pregnant people that BEGS people to rub my belly! I am just so proud of it, and I want to show it off to the world!!!

I still did not get to the size I always thought I would be pregnant. And have only had a total of 2 strangers ask me when I was due my entire pregnancy… (again, maybe the world has finally learned that asking that question can be rude?) But I am just so happy that baby girl is happy in there and thriving!

I am going to miss my bump SO MUCH. Honestly tearing up just thinking about it. It took so long for her to pop that I feel a little cheated out of that aspect of pregnancy. Right now, all I do all day is just sit and rub my belly and feel her sweet little kicks.

Q: Best Moment So Far This Month?

A: This month has been just such a blessing all around.

Q: Worst Moment So Far This Month?

A: I wouldn’t really consider this as a worst moment per se, but I have just been overly emotional this month. Both happy and sad! So excited for what is to come, but at the same time so sad that my pregnancy is coming to an end. This year has obviously not been the ideal year to be pregnant. There have been so many obstacles and so much negativity that it can really take a toll on you- especially when you are at your most emotional. But despite it all, I really can say that I loved being pregnant. There is just something so special about carrying life inside of you. I feel kind of depressed that it is coming to an end so so soon. Especially since I didn’t get to celebrate my pregnancy as much as I would have dreamed to. I just feel a little cheated out on it, and I feel guilty that I wasn’t able to celebrate her more. 

Q: Looking Forward To?

A: There is just so much beauty yet to come. In just a few short days we get to see what our daughter looks like.  We get to learn all about her personality. What she likes, what she doesn’t. We get to watch her grow. I am looking forward to every single little thing. But mostly, I am just so damn excited to meet her.

Full Pregnancy Progression

Side View | Front View

It may have taken a full 9 months for me to finally pop, but I am so obsessed with these progression photos! If you look at the first month compared to the ninth it is so insane!!

I don’t know if you remember me discussing the themes for each month in my original bumpdate blog post, but I thought I would break it down and explain each of the numbers and how I decided to style them each month. I am a huge advocate for celebrating EVERY holiday (or any day really), and I thought it would be fun to be able to look back on each month of my pregnancy and know what month it was strictly based on the theme of the number! Some may be more obvious than others, so I thought I would break down each month to show you what I had in mind:

Bumpdate Monthly Themes

Month 1: December – Theme: Christmas Presents
Month 2: January – Theme: Winter Wonderland
Month 3: February – Theme: Valentine’s Day 
Month 4: March – Theme: St. Patrick’s Day
Month 5: April – Theme: Easter Eggs
Month 6: May – Theme: May Flowers
Month 7: June – Theme: Summer Picnic
Month 8: July- Theme: Beach Party
Month 9: August- Theme: Birthday Celebration

It was so much fun to come up with the themes each month, and I am really going to miss making the numbers! But it does make me a little more excited to get things together for all of Scarlett’s monthly updates once she arrives! 😉 Which, if you know me at all, you know I already have a plan for how I am going to be creating her monthly updates! Stay tuned! 😉

What I Have Learned During My Pregnancy

  1. You become a mom the second you see those two magical lines appear on that pregnancy test. (or in my case see the word “pregnant” appear) Your whole life changes in a matter of seconds. And it is so so beautiful, even if he feels so so scary.
  2. Being a Mother is the most stressful thing you could ever do. I haven’t even had my baby yet and I know that this is true. The second I became pregnant I stressed over every little thing! Is the baby okay in there? Are they growing? Are they safe? Am I doing all that I can to ensure that they are getting all their vitamins? Are they happy? It’s exhausting! And I hear it only gets worse when they arrive. Buckle up ladies!
  3. Our bodies are capable of anything! You do realize that our bodies (as women) take teeny tiny sperm and create human life out of it?! I mean, I know you know that, but do you really REALIZE that?! We supply all the nutrients that the baby needs to thrive and grow without us even having to think about it! We grow this little tiny bean into a fully formed baby with a fully functioning (and complicated) intellectual brain! All happening while we continue our every day lives- working, sleeping, doing chores, reading a book… INSANE.
  4. EVERYONE will say that you are “glowing” in your pregnancy. They will be lying. (Or at least you will think they are) Either way, take the compliment and rock it! It is your time to shine! You are creating a life inside you. Glow baby, glow!
  5. I’m sure you have heard this before- but you will get LOTS of unsolicited advice during your pregnancy. Every parent thinks they know the answers and that their reality is THE reality. And that is just the furthest thing from the truth. It is great to get some insight from trusted family and friends IF YOU WANT IT, but if not, just let it roll off your back! You can do as much research as your heart desires to try to be the best parent to your child and learn all about new studies and the new best practices… but in reality, none of that matters. Yeah, maybe some of those things work for those other babies, but NO ONE has had your baby. You are the only mother for your baby. You know your baby more than anyone in the world ever will be able to. Mother your child the way you feel you should. Don’t let others “mom-shame” you into changing who you are. Your baby was made especially for you and you for them! ❤ It is going to be hard, and you will constantly be learning new information, but mama truly knows best! Go with your instinct!

My Advice For Other New Moms To Be

  1. Soak up all of this sweet time you have with your baby in your belly. It just doesn’t last long enough. I know you are stressed and are worrying about every little thing right now. Just don’t forget to remember the miracle that is happening right inside your body. Your body is CREATING A HUMAN BEING. Embrace all those aches and pains. They will go away. But so will all those little flutters and kicks. All those precious bonding moments where your baby is safe in your belly will be gone too. Yeah, you may have some back pain or nausea while pregnant, but those are nothing in comparison to all the incredible things that you feel being pregnant.
  2. LOVE YOUR NEW BODY! It is going to feel confusing, and you are not going to feel like the same woman you once were- but that’s the beauty of it! You AREN’T the same woman you once were. You are stronger. You are more powerful. You are creating life. So what if you have a few stretch marks or that your feet are swollen 2 sizes bigger? Another human is going to be entering the world because of what your incredible body can do!
  3. It is okay to mourn your life pre-baby. I’m not just talking about the obvious “well, I won’t be able to do this or that for a while once baby arrives..” I am talking about some of the things that will never be possible again. Things like being a family of two (just you and your SO). This past month that has hit me really hard.  As much as I look forward to expanding our family, I am really going to miss it just being my husband and I. We have gotten SO close over these past 9 months and it’s so painful (yet beautiful) to know that things will never be the same once our baby arrives. I am trying to soak up every moment with him before it is no longer just him and I.
  4. While it is okay to mourn your past life, don’t forget to celebrate all of the beautiful things that are only possible because of your precious baby. Your life is changing infinitely for the better. You feel a love so strong for a person you haven’t even met yet. It’s pretty magical when you think about it.
  5. Give yourself grace. Allow yourself to except the things you cannot change. Do you think I was prepared for a pandemic pregnancy? Hell no! I had to adapt. And oddly enough, my husband swears that this is the most chill, and easygoing version of me he has ever seen. There is just something about bringing a new life into the world that makes you sit back and just enjoy what’s going on around you. It really helps bring things into perspective. Obviously, with bringing a new life into the world there are lots of things to worry about, but just remember to allow yourself to step back and look at all the beauty that pregnancy brings to your life. Things are never going to be “perfect”. (whatever that even means) Inhale all the beautiful moments and exhale the things you can’t change.

It makes me so damn proud to look at these photos and to see how far Scarlett and I have come. This pregnancy has honestly went by in the blink of an eye. I am going to miss so many wonderful things about pregnancy, but I am looking forward to so much more for when she finally makes her arrival. Any day now!

Thank you to those of you who have followed my pregnancy bumpdates along the way! It makes my heart soar to have your support throughout this wonderful, crazy, scary, stressful, absolutely beautiful journey!! Next time you hear from me, I will have sweet baby Scarlett in my arms! ❤

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One thought on “Bumpdate – 9 Months

  1. So beautiful!! And I love your advice – mourn what is lost, and celebrate what you gain! Life is just a series of endings and beginnings, and when you give yourself permission to experience both, that’s when you know that you are fully living ❤ ❤ So excited to meet my sweet lil Scarlett!


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