My Colorful Baby Shower

What is better than having all of your favorite gals together, eating yummy food and playing fun games… while also being surrounded in a rainbow wonderland?! Nothing. There is nothing better than that! Especially after months of social distancing! My heart is just so full.

A couple Sundays ago, I got to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my sweet Scarlett with all of our closest friends and family. This was a day I truly did not think would come. I mean, this year is certainly not all that I had hoped and planned it would be… I found out I was pregnant with Scarlett in December, so I was looking at 2020 with particularly hopeful eyes. But was quickly hit with a dose of COVID reality just weeks after announcing my pregnancy publicly.

With how the year has panned out thus far, I kind of assumed that I would miss out on having a baby shower altogether. In fact, I had a baby shower planned back in June and had to cancel due to flight cancellations, social distancing regulations and general uncertainty. We postponed the date and prayed that maybe, just maybe things would work out and we could celebrate the upcoming arrival of my first baby. And thank heaven it did!! My sister was even able to fly in from Ireland to help celebrate!

Finally getting to see everyone after months of isolation really just made my whole year. It was nothing short of magical!

These are the ladies that made my dream shower come true! My whole baby shower was thrown by my sisters, my niece, my mom, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law and a family friend who is basically another mother to me (Yeah, I know, a lot of girl power!) They created the perfect day filled with lots of laughs, fun games and great food! The only thing that was left up to me was the décor! Cause I mean let’s face it, I like what I like! Haha

When it came to party décor, I knew I couldn’t go to anyone except Cher from CherCanDoIt! She has THE BEST décor around and is honestly one of the kindest gals I have gotten the pleasure to meet online! She knows just how much I LOVE all things color, and sent me all of the absolute perfect balloons to celebrate with! The HUGE rainbow arch was seriously the décor of my dreams!!! I just wish they could stay up forever!!! You really need to check out her shop to see just how many awesome balloons she has! 

I got these AMAZING custom party crowns made by none other than Festive Gal, Kevlyn! She is another one of my absolute favorite people I have met online! You may remember the custom crowns she made for my gender reveal as well! She is so talented and I swear I will continue to order custom crowns from her for each upcoming party I throw!

I thought the “I Have Scarlett Fever” quote was pretty clever (if I do say so myself) but wasn’t sure if it was a little too on the nose for this year and the pandemic hahah in the end I decided to go for it, cause what a better way to remember this crazy year than with a punny crown?! 

We had a relatively simple food menu, but from what I have heard from guests, it was AMAZING! (we had multiple people ask for recipes afterward) I was too busy running around that I actually didn’t eat anything during the party! Haha So I just have to take their word for it!

We wanted to make sure that there was no way the food could be contaminated by other people or that any germs could be spread, so we made sure to make each item easily accessible and contactless! Hence all the tooth picks and individual serving cups! Haha Not only did it help cut down the spread of germs, I think it made the table look super pleasing to the eye as well!

We also made sure to provide a “sanitation station” where guests could have access to hand sanitizer and face masks if need be!

I originally looked for someone to bake a cake and decorate some cookies for the party, but I just felt it would be better to limit the amount of outside contact for the party. So, I decided to bake the cake and make the cookies myself! I am still a rookie in both cake and cookie decorating, but I am trying to learn, and I had a great time making them!

Besides stuffing our faces, we spent most of the party playing games and opening gifts! Let me just tell you that Scarlett is already SO spoiled!!! She got so many beautiful (and very helpful I might add) things! And let me just tell you, she is going to be the best dressed baby in every room she enters! haha

Even though it was hot and my feet were swollen, my baby shower really was all rainbows and sunshine! I am truly so blessed to have so many amazing, wonderful, powerful women in my life! Seeing how much they support me and already love my little Scarlett is nothing short of magical.

Thank you to everyone that made my day so special. I went from assuming there would be no baby shower at all, to having one filled with all of the women I love! I am so so thankful to have these memories to look back on and to show Scarlett just how special she is to everyone.

Photography by Auburn Artisan

Cannot wait to welcome Scarlett into this big, beautiful, colorful world!

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