My Pregnancy Must Haves

I’d like to think of myself as pretty self-sustaining, in that I don’t feel I needed a whole lot extra to make myself feel pretty “normal” during my pregnancy. But with that said, pregnancy is HARD WORK (I mean you are literally creating life) and there are some things that certainly helped me so far! So, I thought I would compose a list of 10 things that helped me throughout my first and second trimesters, in hopes that maybe it could help you too!

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter – I know they say that there is really no way to really avoid getting stretch marks during pregnancy, but I thought moisturizing my belly a little couldn’t be a bad thing! I apply this belly butter to my stomach every morning after my shower and every night before bed, and so far I have yet to get any stretch marks! (the keyword here is YET. I fully anticipate getting some the bigger I get) This belly butter was highly rated and the jar itself holds so much more lotion than you think! A little goes a long way!

Auden Nursing Bra – This bra has been a godsend! During my first trimester, my biggest pregnancy symptom was sore breasts and man oh man did they hurt!! Not only that, but they grew so rapidly, that I was no longer comfortable in any of my pre-pregnancy bras! I had read that people bought some nursing bras during their pregnancy to help with this, so I decided to do the same! Not only would they hopefully be more comfortable, but they would also be useful once baby arrived! And lord, let me tell you the truth in this! I mean obviously, I have yet to use them as actual nursing bras, but as pregnancy bras- they are amazing! So comfortable and there is no pesky underwire, yet lots of support! Who knows if I will ever go back to normal bras?!

Jergens Body Lotion – Just like having the belly butter to keep my belly moisturized, I thought it would be nothing but beneficial to try to keep the rest of my body moisturized as well! To be quite honest, I went with Jergens strictly on the fact that I liked the way it smelled compared to other lotions I had looked at, but I am happy I ended up with it! It is a super smooth application, and gives my skin a ton of much needed moisture!

Belly Band – To be honest, I haven’t really used this band too much yet, but it was recommended to me by my OBGYN for my hip pain/sciatica, so I figured I would add it to the list! These pregnancy belly bands are made to help support the weight of your ever growing uterus up off of your back to give you some much needed relief. I expect to use this band a little more the bigger I get. You can find many different kinds of pregnancy belly bands, I just chose this one in particular because I was desperate (Amazon had the quickest delivery options) and it had good reviews!

One a Day Prenatal Vitamins – I think it is pretty well known that it is recommended to take prenatal vitamins when you are pregnant (it is also recommended to take them prior to getting pregnant and to continue taking them once baby arrives) to both aid in the development of your growing baby and to help supplement your body with nutrients that the baby is taking directly from you as well! But what I liked most about these particular vitamins is the fact that they not only have Folic Acid (another highly recommended supplement to take to aid with the development of the baby’s neural tube, thus preventing birth defects) in them, they also have Iron. I naturally have a slight iron-deficiency and am constantly feeling dizzy, so I was really worried about having the extra stress of supporting not only myself but also a growing baby. With the extra Iron in this prenatal I have been feeling great and not dizzy or lightheaded at all! It also contains DHA which is essential with growth and development.

Rainbow Smoothie – I am not a huge fruit fan. Let me be clear- I love the taste of fruit, but I am not a huge fan of the texture that many fruits have. Being pregnant I knew I had to up my intake of fruit, so I came up with a tasty way to do so that doesn’t make me dread doing it! I came up with the idea of the rainbow smoothie! Basically, it is just a blend of multiple kinds of fruits and veggies that offer tons of benefits but also taste awesome! I call it a rainbow smoothie because I put one fruit/veggie in for each color of the rainbow! (Red- Strawberries, Orange- Mandarine/Peach, Yellow- Mango/Pineapple, Green-Spinach, Blue-Blue Berries and Purple- Grapes). Those fruits/veggies blended with a scoop of The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt (full of calcium and probiotic bacteria) and a splash of water makes the perfect smoothie packed full of nutrients that tastes incredible!

Acure Day Face Cream – This technically wasn’t needed for pregnancy specifically, but I have just been searching for an SPF face cream that did not make my skin break out, and I finally found one that I love!! Acure is such a clean product! (Paraben, Sulfate and cruelty free) And I think that is why my skin is loving it! I put it on every morning, allow it to soak into my skin a bit, and then apply my usual facial powder over it and it works like a charm! Almost acts as a face primer for my makeup as well! Love it!

Acure Night Face Cream – Same brand as my morning face cream that I love! I decided to give this night cream a go in hopes to add some extra moisture to my skin at night without causing issues, and it really has been great! I honestly think the combo of the Day and Night face creams have given me that “pregnancy glow” that everyone wants! The only thing is, I plan to use these products well beyond pregnancy!

Cotton Underwear – I call these babies my “mama undies”. I normally am someone that wants to wear cute little undies, but at some point I thought to myself, who am I kidding? I am pregnant. I need comfort. So I got a couple of these bad boys. They may not add much to my confidence, but they are practical so that’s a win. Plus they come in cute colors, so that’s good enough, right?? haha Another major reason I went with these in particular is the fact that they are cotton underwear. Did you know that pregnant women are more prone to get UTIs and yeast infections than other women? Cotton underwear are breathable and absorbent which help prevent infections.

What To Expect App – I have bought tons of books and read so many articles on pregnancy, but I find myself (and my husband) time and time again coming back and reading information from this app! It is so neat! It shows you right where the progress of the baby should be, and gives you lots of tips, hints and little facts that help so so much! I have found that it has been pretty spot on with advice and it helps track your baby’s milestones for each week! Definitely a great tool!

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