One Month of Scarlett

It seems just like yesterday that I was bringing my baby home from the hospital, and now she is 1 month old?! I know everyone says that time flies by when you have a baby, but dang! This isn’t fair!! I love watching her grow and learn new things, but also at the same time, I just want to keep her my tiny baby forever! I keep reminding myself this on our sleepless nights- one day she will be grown and not want to cuddle with mama anymore, so I have to enjoy it all while it lasts!

Being a mother is hard. The hardest thing I have ever had to do and it has only been a month! Here is a special little thanks to all the strong mamas out there putting in the work and raising all these wonderful children on little to no sleep! That also goes out to all you awesome dads as well!

Newborns require ALL your energy (or lack thereof) ALL the time. Especially if you are breast feeding! (talk about a full time job) And even though I feel like I am barely surviving right now, I wouldn’t change it for the world. All those long nights with her screaming and crying are made up by those quiet mornings filled with snuggles.

Scarlett is incredible. She is already so smart and has such a sassy personality! I am so proud of who she is already and I cannot wait to watch her grow into the woman she is meant to be! All I do is stare at her and kiss her all day long! haha As a matter of fact, Ian is in the other room with her right now so I can sit and type this out in peace, but all I want to do is go into that room and scoop her up in my arms! I have always wanted to be a mother, but I had no idea just how magical it would feel to get to look into your child’s eyes and hold them in your arms.

I had so much fun tracking my progress with each month of pregnancy, and knew I wanted to make sure to track Scarlett’s first year as well! There is just such an incredible amount of growth that a baby goes through month by month of their first year that I wanted to make sure I captured it all so we could look back and see how much she changed!

At this point, there is no surprise that I am a sucker for all things color! I mean, I named my daughter (and dog) after colors… you can say that I am a fan. So I thought, if I named my daughter after a color, maybe the theme for her monthly updates should be color-based! And thats when I came up with this idea!

The color wheel is comprised of 12 individual colors. (primary, secondary and tertiary) There are 12 months in year. 12 months= 12 colors… I mean, I had to, right?! This color wheel is going to help track Scarlett’s progress in a super fun and super colorful way! Every month I will focus on a specific color in the color wheel, color it in, and continue each month until the entire wheel has filled up! (aka the full 12 months!) So buckle up for a colorful ride through Scarlett’s first year!

Color of the Month – RED

What better way to start off Scarlett’s monthly update color wheel than with SCARLET RED?! Red is such a fiery, vibrant, powerful color- the perfect way to describe our feisty little girl!


Weight – 7 lbs
Length – 20.5 in
Hair Color – Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color – Brown with a green tint


Focuses her eyes on objects in front of her.
Can identify Mommy and Daddy’s voices.
Follows an object when you move it in front of her face.
Consistently rolls over from her belly to her back.
Can hold up her head for several seconds at a time.

What She Loves

Being snuggled/Being held in general
Skin-to-skin time
Going on walks
Rides in the car
Sucking on her pacifier
Peeing on Dad
Bath time
Music/Being sung to

What She Hates

Not being held
Her bassinet
Tummy time
The Nose Frida
Sleeping on her own
Sleeping on her back

Photography by Auburn Artisan

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