Fashion Friday – Bump Style

Another Friday is here, so you know what that means! This Fashion Friday is all about embracing the warm weather, gearing up for those summer cook-outs (if we can this year) and dressing the part!

This outfit is literally the perfect picnic/cook-out outfit (I actually wore it on a picnic!) for not only other pregos like me, but anyone! Not only is it super cute, it is super comfy! And can you even with that cute little hamburger clutch?!

Like I said in my first Bump Style post, skirts are my go-to pregnancy look. They are the ultimate comfy piece of clothing (jeans are the devil to me right now) and they look so put together! (even when you don’t feel like you are) An added bonus- it shows off that sweet little bump!

We all know I love a good theme, so I went full force with the whole “Cook-out Chic” vibe of the hamburger clutch, and threw in a gingham skirt that is reminiscent of a picnic blanket! (yes, it was intentional) I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with gingham in the spring time, and this skirt is no exception!


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