Fashion Friday – Bump Style

The older I get, the more I fall in love with clothing trends from past decades! The 1960’s (to me) is the pinnacle for style! All the patterns, the silhouettes, the color?! Ughhhh it makes me swoon!  As soon as I put on this cute little pinafore dress, I got all the 60’s vibes!!! So that’s how I decided to style it!

The raspberry pink in this dress is what really drew me to it! Being a redhead, generally I am advised to stay away from warm colors like red, pink and orange, but baby, you better believe I don’t listen to that!  I say, wear what you love! No matter what! No exceptions!

Lucky enough for me, I still fit in this dress (at least for right now) so I am going to try to wear it and wear it until I can’t anymore!  In fact, this outfit is a perfect example of what to wear if you want to hide your pregnancy! You cannot even tell I am 5 months pregnant in these pictures! It all has to do with the silhouette of the dress. This A-line structured look, really hides curves, which includes a curvy belly bump!

Photographed by Auburn Artisan


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