Fashion Friday – Bump Style

Just because I am 5 months pregnant, does not mean I have to dress like it! This weeks Fashion Friday is focused on lots of color! I mean, my bag is literally half the color wheel! Haha

Welcome to my new mini-series of Fashion Friday’s, I call the “Bump Style” series!  I have not done a Fashion Friday in a very long time! Now that I am in my second trimester and feeling lots more energy, I thought I would start back up my fashion posts! Plus, I thought it might be helpful for other moms-to-be to get some pregnancy styling tips as well! Also, I think it will be so fun to look back on when I am no longer pregnant!

What I have found (so far anyway) is that they key to achieve a cute pregnancy look is to wear a skirt or dress!! I hate jeans on a normal day, but man oh man, when you are pregnant, they are the devil! Simply wearing a skirt or dress not only feels good, it looks good too! And if you wear one that is a little on the tighter side, you get to show off that baby bump you have been working so hard on too! Win-win!

This skirt I am wearing was actually a dress! The top of the dress was a little snug, so I decided I would alter it a bit, that I could still wear it! This is always a great option for clothes in your closet! If there is something that doesn’t fit you quite like you like, but you can’t part with it, just do a little snip-snip and it’s a whole new piece! (of course only do this if you are comfortable doing so!)

Photography by Auburn Artisan


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One thought on “Fashion Friday – Bump Style

  1. I am OBSESSED with this entire look, but especially the skirt/dress!!! 😍 🙌 I swear there’s never a time where you DON’T look like an actual goddess, but this is definitely one of my favourite outfits of yours so far – and Studio DIY’d latest clutch definitely helps top it all off 🌈


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