Halloween Costume Roundup 2018

Halloween may be behind us, but costumes are still too much fun for me to stop sharing them!  So I figured why not post all about my favorite costumes of the year – Madeline and Golden Face!

Madeline and Miss Clavel

Like I mentioned in my Halloween Costume Inspiration I often pick my costume each year based on characters that have red hair, since it is so easy for me to recreate!  But I also love nostalgic costumes as well.  So, I brainstormed really hard about a character that is well known enough for everyone to understand, yet obscure enough that I wouldn’t walk into a party and someone is wearing the exact same costume as I am. (how awkward is that when it happens?!)  To be honest, I have no idea at what point I stumbled upon a picture of Madeline, but when I did I knew that is what I had to be this year!


Everyone remembers those cute books (and movies) about that adorable, intelligent and ornery little Catholic boarding school student! I was so excited when I finally decided on my costume and couldn’t wait to get started on it!  But Ian and I like to wear couples costumes each year (okay, that may be more me than him haha) and at first I wasn’t sure who he would be.  Would he be one of the other little girls in the boarding school?  Would he be the dog Madeline rescued?  And then I thought of it.  He could be the nun that was in charge of all the girls- Miss Clavel!!  (Don’t worry, Ian was totally on board)

Dress  Hat (substituteCollar

Other materials:

  • Tie (red ribbon from a craft store)
  • Shoes (Just flats with a black ribbon across my foot to imply they were Mary Janes)
  • Socks (From my dad haha)

Nun Costume

Let me tell you, finding a dress for this costume turned out to be a little more difficult than anticipated.  And honestly, if I had given myself more time, I may have picked something else out.  But after buying and returning multiple orders (luckily I have Amazon Prime) I am still pretty happy with what I was able to find!  I wanted a ruffle top to imply that I was wearing the cape that she wears without having to buy more material to make the cape itself.  And I believe that this dress did help portray my vision.  My only qualm with this costume is how tight the dress ended up being, but I guess that just makes it an adult costume, huh?

Golden Face

It’s no secret that I am a huge “The Office” fan, so obviously I have been wanting to dress up as a character inspired by the show for a while now.  But in true Kaitlin fashion, I also wanted to be something a little obscure and out of the box.  On my trip to Scranton I finally came up with the idea to be a Dundie!

41TeKwOkG7LFor those who don’t know, a Dundie Award is an trophy that Michael Scott presents to each of the employees in “The Office” for various things.  Such as, Pam once received the “Whitest Sneakers in The Office” award and Kelly got the “Spicy Curry” award.  See, just utter nonsense.  Which I love! (To check out a few more of the random awards given, go here!)

I tried my hardest to make this costume awesome, but boy did I not know how much work it would be to create this look.  I went through 4 cans of gold spray paint, and honestly could have used more.  After I spray painted my whole outfit, built a pedestal for me to stand on and got everything together I finally put it all on and it was AWFUL!!  The whole outfit was sprayed the same color gold but nothing seemed to match.  The wig I got did not look anything like I thought it would.  And only have worn the outfit for 10 minutes (while I was trying it on) and it gave me a rash on my arms.  Not worth it!  I still wanted to try to make it work, since I put so much time into it.  But Ian assured me that no one would understand what I was trying to be.  You win some and you lose some.  Maybe I will try again next year??

It was the day of my family’s Halloween party and I had no costume to wear!  Having been less than enthusiastic about the way that my Dundie costume came out, Ian and I came up with this alternative “The Office” costume last minute that I could be since I already had the face paint for it! Golden Face!


Golden Face is the nemesis to Michael Scarn on Michael Scott’s self made action film, Threat Level Midnight.  Who doesn’t dream of being the villain every now and then?! This look was sooooo easy to make and true fans will get the reference 😉


  • Black Suit (Threw together with stuff I had already)
  • Gold Tie (I used from my Dundie costume)
  • Gold Face Paint
  • Pocket square (I just made my own out of paper)

I threw this whole costume together in probably 10 minutes, so I am pretty happy with how it actually turned out!

Oh, and don’t forget about my DIY “Brick House” Costume!

Halloween costumes are soooo much fun to come up with, and I embrace the challenge each year!  Some times your vision doesn’t translate well, but you know what, that makes it so much more fun!

What were you for Halloween this year?!  I would love to see what you came up with!

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