Fashion Friday – How to wear it

ACS_0510.JPGWelcome to the first installation of How To Wear It!  If you follow me on Instagram (@auburnartisan) you probably saw my story where I asked you all if you had any fashion issues that you would like answered.  If you did not see that post, but you have a question on how to wear something out of your norm, style something specific, or any other issues regarding your wardrobe, just comment below and I will be sure to address it in one of my posts!  I have already received an amazing amount of requests (and look forward to more) and I am so excited to dive into each!

This weeks question was regarding how to wear a denim (otherwise known as chambray) top!  One of my Instagram followers wrote:

For a gift, I got a lightweight denim button up, when I wear it I look like a gardener…?”

First off, absolutely love the visual! Haha  I think we all kind of struggle with that balance with chambray tops!  It is just like plaid shirts – some people always look adorable and cozy in them, and others look like lumberjacks.  But I am here to tell you, it is all in how you style it!

Denim (chambray) tops may seem a bit tricky, I mean denim is supposed to be on your legs!  Isn’t it??  And at one time I, myself was a bit nervous trying to make it work.  But let me assure you, if you know how to style it, a denim shirt can be a staple item in your closet!

In this months How To Wear It I am going to show you 4 ways to style your denim top so that you don’t “look like a gardener“! 😉

*** I am also going to put in a bit of a How To Wear It twist that I, myself struggle with – styling ombre tops!  The ombre trend is so beautiful, but I often find myself struggling on what to wear with it!  So to fulfill the request, and to also fulfill my individual struggle, I am going to be styling an ombre denim top! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!


Option 1:  Buttoned

Depending on your color of denim, I would suggest finding its compliment (opposite) to make it pop!  At the bottom of my shirt is a super light blue, so I chose to pair it with black jeans to make sure it wasn’t too matchy-matchy.  I could have very easily styled this top with dark blue jeans also.  Denim on denim is a lot of fun!  Just make sure you are pairing complimentary items!  My example was a little more difficult to do denim on denim due to the fact that my top fades between two different blue hues.

I chose to simply button the shirt for this look, and to add NO ACCESSORIES to show you that you could totally rock a simple denim top!

Option 2: Tucked

I would probably say that this is my favorite way to wear denim tops.  I LOVE the classic look of a button up tucked into a short skater skirt!  It looks so clean and looks like you tried really hard, but really you didn’t do anything but tuck your shirt in! haha

Option 3: Tied

Another one of my favorite ways to rock a denim top is by simply tying it!  Just unbutton a few of the bottom buttons and take the hanging fabric and tie it in a knot!  This technique is great with anything high-waisted, maybe a skirt like this or even pants!

Option 4: Open

Seriously, the easiest way to style the denim top is to wear it open like a cardigan!  You can wear WHATEVER you want, throw a open denim top over it and it looks like you brought the outfit to the next level!  So simple and so cute!


Photography by Auburn Artisan


Well there you have it!  Not so scary, huh?  I mean if I (lover of all things colorful) can make it work, so can you!! And you don’t need to be a gardener to do so 😉  And a solid denim top is so much easier to pair than my ombre one I used, since it matches more things! There are also countless options for how to style your denim top that I did not even go over! (Such as under a cardigan, layered with a sweater, tied around your waist, etc.)  So possibilities are limitless!  Just be creative! 🙂

I am having a blast coming up with some options and ideas for all of your questions!!  There are so many that I have also wondered myself, and a few I have not even thought about!

I have always kind of been the person to wear whatever I felt like, even if it wasn’t the most “fashionable”.  And do you know how many times people have said to me “only you could pull that off“?  But that is the furthest thing from the truth!  It’s all in the way you rock it!  If you think you are rocking it, chances are, people agree!  (Confidence is key)

So, again, if there is something you have bought recently but you don’t know what to wear with it, if there is a trend you are wanting to try but unsure how you could pull it off, or any other fashion issues, reach out to me (on here, Instagram or Facebook) and I will help in anyway possible!

This is obviously from an a woman’s perspective (since I am the one answering the questions).  So, if you are a male, and have been struggling with the same thing, this is a great source to help you learn how to style your denim top!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – How to wear it

  1. I am already LOVING this series! I would have never even THOUGHT about wearing denim shirts before, but you make them look so gorgeous! I particularly like the tucked and twisted ways, but you look gorgeous in every single style 😍🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! I love it too!!! I am so happy one of my followers suggested it!! There are so many times that I look at something and think “this is cute, but how do I wear it?” So if I can help anyone at all, I would love that!


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