KIDDO CRAFT – Thanksgiving Activity Sheet (Printable)

Thanksgiving is almost here! And not only is it time to stuff our faces with the best foods of the whole year, it is time to reflect on what we are thankful for! 😊 This adorable print out will help you and your family celebrate all the best things about this Thanksgiving holiday in a fun, creative way!

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Donuts

We all know that Thanksgiving dinner is the most special, most celebrated dinner of the whole year. (in the U.S.) But you know what the most underrated part about Thanksgiving is? Breakfast! Yeah, you may want to save some room for all the food at your Thanksgiving feast, but you’ve got to eat something beforehand! And why eat something boring when you can eat something fun AND festive?! These adorable little Turkey Donuts are perfect for your Thanksgiving morning!

Left Brain/Right Brain Costume

When I found out my sister would be traveling home from Ireland for Halloween this year, I was so excited and immediately started brainstorming sister costumes we could wear together! I was trying to come up with something original, yet something that aligned with our interests. And that’s when I thought of this idea!

DIY DreamWorks Costume

Since we had such a great time with our PIXAR costume, I thought it would be cool to create another animation company inspired DIY! This time, we are celebrating DreamWorks! I always thought that iconic little boy sitting on the moon fishing for the stars was so adorable! And when I found out my sister was coming home from Halloween this year, I just knew I had to make it for her to wear!

DIY “World’s Best Boss” Mug Costume

For all my The Office fanatics, now you can have your very own “World’s Best Boss” mug! And it’s a costume?! Michael Scott ain’t got nothin’ on you! This costume is soooo simple and honestly took me only about 30 mins altogether (aside from paint dry-time). Check out how to make this super easy, super cute costume for yourself!

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberry ‘Carrots’

Carrots are not just for the bunnies this Easter! You want to make the easiest, cutest, most festive little treats for your family?! Well here it is! These adorable little carrots treats are perfect for both children and adults alike! Check out how to make to make your own in 5 easy steps!