KIDDO CRAFT – Thanksgiving Activity Sheet (Printable)

Thanksgiving is almost here! And not only is it time to stuff our faces with the best foods of the whole year, it is time to reflect on what we are thankful for! 😊 This adorable print out will help you and your family celebrate all the best things about this Thanksgiving holiday in a fun, creative way!

One of my favorite things about elementary school was the fact that we celebrated EVERY holiday! And we usually celebrated them with arts and crafts projects! (which was obvi why I loved it so much)

Thinking back on those good ol’ days is really what inspired me to create these print outs! I just remember each Thanksgiving writing and drawing out what I was thankful for and thinking how fun it was to do that! Fortunately, my mom kept our drawings and it is just so neat to look back on!

Please print these out and have some fun coloring with your kiddos! Heck, print these out and color them on your own! That’s what my family did! Haha And when you do, please tag me on Instagram to let me see what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving! (Just click the link below for access)

Hot Tip: If you are a nostalgic person like I am, laminate your child’s sheet after they have completed it! For one, if it is laminated your kid can use their drawing as a placemat for Thanksgiving dinner! And two, this will make it easier to keep for years to come!

Another fun thing you could do is write the year on the sheet before laminating that way you remember when it was completed! It would be so cool to have them fill out a new sheet each year and keep them together to see how much they have changed, and what they are thankful for each year ❤

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

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