DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Donuts

We all know that Thanksgiving dinner is the most special, most celebrated dinner of the whole year. (in the U.S.) But you know what the most underrated part about Thanksgiving is? Breakfast! Yeah, you may want to save some room for all the food at your Thanksgiving feast, but you’ve got to eat something beforehand! And why eat something boring when you can eat something fun AND festive?! These adorable little Turkey Donuts are perfect for your Thanksgiving morning!

Picture this: Sitting on the couch watching the Macy’s Day Parade, sitting snuggled up with family and eating these little babies! Now that sounds like a perfect little Thanksgiving morning to me! These Turkey Donuts are so simple (no baking involved!) and they are a blast to make, especially for the kiddos in your life!

Thanksgiving Turkey Donuts

– Donuts (any kind you like!)
– Gum Paste/Fondant
– Chocolate Candy Melts (Orange, Yellow and Brown)
– Tooth Picks
– Candy Eyeball Decorations
– Food Coloring (Red, Yellow and Brown)

1.) First we will need to make the turkeys head. Take your gum paste or fondant and knead in a bit of brown food coloring. The amount of brown dye is up to you. I tried to match each of my turkeys to their donut color. (i.e. lighter donut needed less brown, and darker donuts needed more brown)
Once the color has been fully incorporated, roll out your gum paste in a short thick “rope”. Pinch one end of the rope a little to give a distinction between the head and neck of the turkey. Set aside.
Next, take a small amount of gum paste and incorporate red dye into it to create the turkey wattle. The wattle will be a long, almost tear-drop shape. Set aside.
Now you will need to make the beak. To do this, mix some yellow dye with a small amount of gum paste and pinch it into a triangular shape.
Now it’s time to put all the pieces together to create the turkeys head! Take your beak and press it into the “face” portion of the turkey. Once your beak is attached, attach your wattle right underneath.
To ensure that the head will stand on top of the donut without falling, poke 2 toothpicks into the bottom on the neck. Set head aside to dry completely.
*I use gum paste rather than fondant because I have found that it takes way less time for it to dry and set up in its shape.
2.) Next we will make the feathers. Melt your chocolate wafers down and take a spoon to spread the chocolate onto a piece of parchment paper. Before the chocolate dries, make sure to place a tooth pick on each “feather”, just like we had to for the head.
Repeat for as many color feathers you’d like. Set aside to allow chocolate to dry completely.
3.) Now that the turkeys head is nice and stiff, take a little dab of access melted chocolate and stick the eyeball decoration onto each side of the head. Let the chocolate dry completely so that the eyes remain in place.
4.) Now it’s the fun part! (especially for the young ones!) It is time to decorate your donut! Pick out your favorite donut and poke the turkey head on one side of the donut, and poke the feathers through the opposite side. Put as many feathers as your heart desires!


How To:

I just love these little turkey donuts so much! My husband and I decided (or should I say he agreed) that we need to make it a tradition to make these little babies each Thanksgiving morning!

Trust me, you are going to want to GOBBLE these up!

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

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