Crayon Box and Crayon Costume

This fun family costume is riddled with creativity and color- two of my favorite things!! This mama-and-me Crayon Box and Crayon costume is perfect for all those art-loving families like mine!

I have and will forever be a huge supporter of Crayola! Their company is simply the best when it comes to promoting creativity and imagination for kids and adults alike! So, I wanted to pay a little homage to them and their influence on my creative endeavors, with this fun costume! Plus, when your daughter literally has the same name as a color of a crayon, you have to take advantage!

With Scarlett being very new to walking (at this point) she of course would rather work on her new skill and run away instead of stand next to me and get a few pictures! I mean if you just look at that ornery face in the pic above, you could probably tell just how difficult it was to capture pictures of this costume! haha

I really wanted to make this costume a family costume, so I decided to make Ian a coloring book page to go with the “crayon pack”! Unfortunately, we didn’t have any assistance taking pictures of all of our costumes together, and with Scarlett running wild, the tripod was not cutting it… so we never ended up being able to get a group photo of all of our costumes together. But even if we didn’t get to get the pic, I still took the time to make the costume and wanted to show you how to make it too if you wanted a group of three costume!

Even if our pics of this costume are very limited, it is still one of my favorites of all time! So proud how it came out, and I know I will look back on it in the future and smile!


As you could probably imagine, my costume was the most difficult to create. Mostly due to the fact that the entire thing was free-handed and hand-painted. I could have totally printed off the images and adhered them onto the box, but where is the fun in that? How else are you supposed to spend your 10 hours if you aren’t painting your Halloween costume?! lol All jokes aside, even though it was hard work, I had so much fun creating it! And I am holding onto my finished piece just in case I for some reason need a giant crayon box in the near future.

– Cardboard Box
– Yellow Poster Board (x3)
– Paint/Paint Brush
– Hot Glue Gun/Glue
– Scissors

How To:
1.) Sketch out the crayon box design on each of the yellow poster boards. One poster board will be the front, and the other two will be the sides. I had a crayon box with me in person as reference and sketched the design free-hand, but you are more than welcome to use a projector and trace the design or whatever you’d like to get it to look exactly as you’d like.
2.) Once the design has been sketched on the poster boards, you will paint them. Obviously the front panel is a lot more complicated than the sides, so it will take a bit longer. Especially if you are wanting it to look realistic. Paint as many layers as you need. Allow to dry.
3.) Take your cardboard box and decide which panel is going to be the back panel, and then cut out a “hanger hole” like an actual box of crayons has on the back. Once that is cut out, paint that whole panel green.
4.) Aside from the back panel with the hanger hole, cut down the cardboard a bit so that the back panel is taller than the rest.
5.) Using your hot glue gun, glue each poster board onto the cardboard box. Front panel will be glued on opposite from the back hanger hole panel and then the side panels will be glued onto the side of the cardboard box.


Just like my costume (crayon box) Scarlett’s costume was entirely hand-painted. Now that I have a Cricut in my possession, I would probably just print out everything on vinyl and then iron it on. But since I didn’t at the time, I decided to sketch it out and then hand-paint all the designs.

– Red Shirt
– Red Pants
Cone-shaped Styrofoam
Cylinder-shaped/Disk Styrofoam
– Hot Glue Gun/Glue
– Red Ribbon
– Black Paint
– Red Paint

How To:
1.) Sketch out all the designs onto the shirt and pants. This costume is inspired by Crayola crayons, so I sketched out their logo in the middle of the shirt and sketched their iconic squiggle design on the top of the shirt (by the neck) and near the bottom of the pants.
2.) Once I had a rough outline of the design, I filled it in with black paint. You can use fabric paint if you’d like, but I have found that regular acrylic paint is just as easy and cheaper. Plus I didn’t plan on keeping this outfit for her to re-wear, so it wasn’t a big deal for it to stand up to the test of time. You may have to paint over the design a few times before it is filled in enough. And I suggest to slip a piece of cardboard in between the fabric of both the shirt and pants before painting so that the design does not bleed onto the opposite side.
3.) To make the “crayon tip” hat, start by cutting off about 1/3 of the top of the cone-shaped styrofoam. Once it is cut, paint both styrofoam pieces (cone-shaped and disk) with the red paint. Allow to dry fully. Paint additional layers if needed.
4.) Once both pieces are dry, glue the cone on top of the disk. And then glue ribbon on the underside of the disk so that it can be tied under your chin to stay in place on your head.


What is the perfect thing to color with crayons? A coloring book! This addition to the costume is almost too simple.

– White Poster Board
– Wide Tip Sharpie
– Crayons (to color in the picture if you’d like)
– Tape
– String/Ribbon

How To:
1.) Decide on a design that you would like the “coloring page” to be. I decided a fun Halloween page would be cute and on theme, so I decided on what all I wanted to include and then I sketched it out the design in pencil.
2.) After the pencil sketch was complete, I went ahead and traced over my sketch with the sharpie to give the bold outlined look that all coloring book pages have. You know that look that just makes you want to color in between the lines?!
3.) I went ahead and colored in parts of the page to help reinforce the coloring book aesthetic. To be honest, without the little bit of color, the design looked almost like a playing card.
4.) After you are finished with the design, tape some string to the back of the poster board so that you can wear it around your neck!

Created by Auburn Artisan

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