DIY Sun, Rain and Rainbow Family Costume

What do you get when you combine a little bit of rain with a little bit of sunshine? A rainbow! I have been DYING to make this costume for years, and have always vowed that when Ian and I had a baby that this would be our first costume! I am so beyond thrilled to finally be able to do it!

With me being someone who LOVES creating costumes each year, I have always dreamed of fun, themed family costumes that I could make for my family once Ian and I had a baby. There is only a short amount of time where you can pick out your child’s Halloween costume before they have an opinion of their own and want to pick their own costume, so I had to seize the opportunity and create this costume for us!

I wasn’t too sure how Scarlett would deal with wearing her first Halloween costume. Of course I hope that she will enjoy dressing up as much as I do one day (wishful thinking), but with her being so little I kind of figured that it may make her a little mad! So, I got her a little milk drunk (you can totally tell in these pics! haha), and it was smooth sailing! Here is to hoping that she will do well with my crazy costumes for years to come!


Rain Costume

– Wide Brim Hat
– Polyester Pillow Filling
– Dark Blue Felt
– Yellow/Gold Felt
– Fishing Line
– Light Blue T-shirt
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun

How To:
1.) Cut raindrop/tear shapes out of the blue felt.
2.) Cut fishing line at varying lengths and glue them around the perimeter of the hat brim on the underside.
3.) Glue raindrops along length of fishing line at different heights.
4.) Glue pillow filling over the underneath of the hat covering the area that you attached the fishing line.
5.) Continue gluing pillow filling on the top of the hat, covering the entire surface.
6.) Fluff and pull the pillow filling on top of the hat as much as you like to create a nice fluffy cloud appearance.
7.) Cut lightning bolts out of yellow felt and glue to the pillow filling under the hat wherever you like.



Sun Costume

– Yellow/Gold Stiffened Felt
– Headband
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun
– Yellow Dress

How To:
1.) Cut felt into long strips, fold strips over and trim sides at an angle to create “sun rays”.
2.) Fold strips over headband and glue them securely into place. Continue around headband for each sun ray.



Rainbow Baby Costume

– Felt (in a rainbow of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
– Scissors
– Glue Gun
– White Onesie
– Velcro

How To:
1.) Cut small to large arch shapes out of each color of felt. Your bottommost color (purple) will be the smallest arch and the topmost color (red) will be the largest.
2.) Stack rainbow arch cut outs and glue the layers together.
3.) Attach half of the velcro to the front of the onesie (the soft side) and half the velcro to the back of the felt rainbow (rough side) so that you can place the rainbow onto the onesie once baby is dressed.


I love so much that when you mix together sunshine and rain you get a rainbow, and when you mix together Kaitlin and Ian you get Scarlett! ❤ I thought this was the perfect costume to help celebrate our first Halloween as a family of three!

Photography by Auburn Artisan

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