Two Months of Scarlett

Our baby girl is officially 2 months old today! Some days it feels like it was just yesterday that we brought her home, and others it feels like she has been in our lives for years! Either way, having Scarlett in the world with us makes each day so much more adventurous, beautiful, challenging, hilarious, lovely and colorful. She is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me!

We have officially survived the newborn stage and now have a 2 month old! (although sometimes I don’t know how!) Mommy, Daddy and baby are all getting in the groove now and we are finally able to really understand one another. Scarlett has grown so much over these short 8 weeks (literally almost DOUBLE her birth weight!) and it is sooo fun to be able to get a first look at her personality! She is so spunky and sassy, and I cannot wait to see who she becomes as her personality continues to blossom!

Color of the Month – RED ORANGE


Weight – 9.5 lbs
Length – 21 in
Size – Newborn/0-3 Months
Hair Color – Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color – Brown


Follows objects and people around the room.
Has almost complete control of head/neck.
Starting to coo and babble.
Gives the most precious smiles!
Able to fall asleep on her own (Although she still prefers that we help her do so).
Starting to be able to grasp objects.

What She Loves

Being snuggled/Being held in general
Going on walks
Rides in the car
Sucking on her pacifier
Bath time
Music/Being sung to
Dancing with mom and dad
Babbling with mom and dad
Looking at herself in the mirror
Silly faces
Looking at mobiles

What She Hates

Not being held
Her bassinet
The Nose Frida
Sleeping on her own
Sleeping on her back
When she has to wait for food
Wet diapers

Photography by Auburn Artisan

In case you missed it: Scarlett – 1 Month

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