DIY Eyeball Cake Balls

It’s spooky season, and what is spookier than eating eyeballs?!?! These eyeball cake balls are not just spooky, they are also adorable! And delicious!! Cause not only is it spooky season, it is also pumpkin spice season. So, you better believe these little babies are a perfect mix of spicy and sweet!

I actually made these cake ball eyeballs last year as a DIY tutorial, but when my first attempt was sloppy and unimpressive, I figured I should try to master the idea before trying to show you all how to make them! I mean, who wants to learn how to create a pile of junk?! Haha! So, this year, I decided to spend a little extra time to perfect my idea so that I can finally show you how you can make your own! And here these cuties are!

Eyeball Cake Balls

– Box of cake mix (I used a pumpkin spice cake mix)
– Container of icing (I used cream cheese)
– All other ingredients cake recipe calls for
– Meltable chocolate wafers (white and green)
– Edible color markers/Food coloring (black)

1.) First you will need to prep the cake crumb mixture. To do this, mix together and bake your cake ingredients, following the directions on the box. Once the cake has been baked, allow it to cool. Now that the cake is nice and cool, smash/mix/break up the cake into little crumbs and set the crumbs inside a bowl. (sorry cake!)
2.) Once the cake is all broken up, you will add a small dollop of your icing to the crumbs. It is important that the cake ball “batter” not be too sticky and soft, so be mindful of how much icing you are adding. I would start out with a small spoonful of icing to the crumbs and then gradually add more icing as you need it. The mixture of icing and cake crumbs should be a soft dough form, not sticky or mushy.
3.) Now that you have your cake mixture all together, roll out the dough in little individual balls. I made mine about 1 1/2 in wide. Set newly-rolled cake balls in the freezer briefly to help them to maintain their shape.
4.) Now it is time to dip the cake balls! Take your white chocolate melts and melt them together in a microwave safe bowl/cup. If the melted chocolate seems a little too thick once melted, feel free to add a small amount of coconut/vegetable oil to help thin it out a bit. Take your cake ball and dip it into the melted chocolate. You can use a cake pop stick, a popsicle stick (like I did), a fork, or even your hands to help dip the ball in the chocolate. Whatever works best for you! Be sure to dip the ball all the way in the melted chocolate so that all surfaces are evenly coated. Do not mix around the ball in the chocolate, this can lead to your ball loosing crumbs in the chocolate. Instead, either make sure the chocolate is deep enough to fit the whole cake ball, or gently rock the ball back and forth to evenly coat it.
Once the ball has been dipped, pull it out and allow any access chocolate to drip off. Next, take the ball and place it on a piece of parchment paper to allow it to harden.
5.) Make sure that before the white chocolate completely dries onto the ball that you place your green chocolate wafer in the middle. This is going to act as your iris of the eye.
6.) Set aside to allow all cake balls to fully dry. Once dry, it is time to decorate the balls to make them look more like eyes! First we are going to draw the pupil. Take your edible black marker (or black food coloring and a paintbrush) and draw/paint a circle right in the middle of the green wafer.
To make the eye look a little more real, draw small lines along the outer edge of the iris towards to pupil to give it a little more dimension.
Lastly, we are going to add a little “light-reflecting” spot inside the pupil so that the eye looks a little more real. Take a toothpick and dip it into the remaining melted white chocolate. Once the chocolate is on the tip of the toothpick, draw a small white circle onto the pupil with it.


I am not a huge “gory-Halloween” type of person, I like more of the cutesy stuff. So, these are just plain eyeballs, but if you do like the gore feel free to add a little red icing as veins or as blood!

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

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