7 Months of Scarlett

Our sweet little Scarlett is 7 months old today! Watching her grow each month is just the greatest blessing EVER! I am constantly amazed how much she learns each and every day! The biggest change for this month is TEETH!!! Scarlo finally got her two bottom teeth (that have been causing her strife since she was probably 2 months old) so we are having fun trying new foods each and every day!

Christmas with the Kirchners 2020

This past Saturday the Kirchner clan went to Corsi Tree farm to get some portraits for our first Christmas card EVER! This is our first photoshoot as a family (unless you count when Scarlett was in my belly) and I could not love them more!! We really gave Tessah (our photographer) a run for her money! Scarlett spit up all over me within 2 minutes of being there, and Indigo kept running off and whining to go see the other doggos that were also at the tree farm! I honestly assumed we would have NO photos with everyone cooperating and I was pleasantly surprised to have SO MANY great photos! It made it sooo difficult to pick out one for our Christmas card this year!

4 Months of Scarlett

Another month has come and gone, and it is so bittersweet. Bitter, because my little teeny-tiny baby isn’t so little anymore, and sweet because I am really looking forward to this month. Why you may ask? Because this month will be Scarlett’s first Christmas! Ah! One of the things I looked forward to most about becoming a mother was sharing my love for celebrating every little holiday and occasion- and Christmas is the most magical of all! So I am really going to try to embrace every single day of this 4th month, and make it the most wonderful month thus far!

3 Months of Scarlett

I don’t know why, but I feel like in this past month we went from having a little baby to having a little human!!! Scarlett is getting soooo smart and learning so many things! I am in awe! Infancy really does fly by! She is already getting so dang big and chunky and I love it! Each time a new roll shows up on her thigh, my heart grows 8 times!