Bumpdate 2.0 – Second Trimester

Rounding third and heading for home! I am officially out of my second trimester and in SINGLE digits of weeks until sweet baby arrives! I am equal parts shocked, excited and terrified to become a mama of two!

IT’S A GIRL! Although we have known for some time now, I realized I haven’t updated the blog at all since my first trimester post! But it is true, we are having another precious baby girl and couldn’t be more thrilled!! At around 15 weeks we did the Sneak Peek gender test at home, and results indicated female, but to be completely sure we waited for the anatomy scan to verify and sure enough, the results were correct!!

The funny thing is, ever since my husband and I discussed having children (umpteen years ago) he always said “I just have a feeling in my bones that we will have all girls“. And since we only plan to have two kids of our own, I would say he was pretty spot on with that feeling!!! haha And no, we wont be “trying for a boy” *rolls eyes* We are VERY HAPPY to have another sweet girl to love and complete our family! ❤

Man oh man, I really thought that limiting my blog posts to trimesters, rather than recapping every month of pregnancy would really help me hold myself accountable and get posts done on time, but it sure didn’t! haha Here I am, 34 weeks pregnant finally recapping my second trimester (which ended at 28 weeks) lol oops! To my credit, the last couple weeks have been pretty hectic with Scarlett getting sick, and then me getting sick and then throwing a BBQ and finishing up projects all around the house! It’s been crazy! Especially while also working full time and having an (almost) 2 year old to raise! So, the fact that I am here, showing up today, is pretty remarkable if I do say so myself! hahaha

Like I mentioned, this trimester has been completely CONSUMED with “nesting” projects that we wanted to complete around the home to make it feel baby ready! Things have been pretty child-proof for a while, considering we have Scarlett, but this home has never been a place where a NEWBORN has lived! So we had a lot of things to get ready for that stage! Plus, there were a bunch of other projects that we have just been wanting to complete since moving in that we finally allotted time to do, and it definitely makes me feel so much more at ease and prepared!

Q: Symptoms?

A: Morning Sickness – Unfortunately, my morning sickness lasted well into my second trimester! But fortunately, it has finally subsided!!! I would say I woke up every single morning and puked until I was at least 25 weeks along… So thankful to be done with that shit! lol
Lower Back/Hip Pain – Dealing with this pain more and more every day and I am just pretty used to it at this point… I just have to have faith that this pain will subside as soon as I give birth, like it did when I had Scarlett!
Headaches – This symptom is new to me in pregnancy! But I have had INSANE headaches each and every day! Not sure if it is just hormonal or what, but I CANNOT wait to not have headaches anymore after she is born! I know that headaches are a symptom of pre-eclampsia, but so far my blood pressure has been perfect, so my docs aren’t too concerned about that at the moment!
Hypothyroidism – This trimester I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (condition where the thyroid doesn’t create and release enough thyroid hormone into your bloodstream). Technically, I wasn’t experiencing any of the actual symptoms that are usually associated with it, but after countless blood tests and my thyroid function being low, my doctor went ahead and put me on thyroid medication just in case! There are some scary things that could happen if my thyroid function got too low (like risk of stillbirth) so we both decided that even if I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms from it that is safer to be on the medication than not!

Q: Movement?

A: Absolutely! This little girl LOVES to wiggle, jiggle and jab my ribcage as much as she can haha

Q: Food Cravings?

A: I haven’t had any crazy cravings or anything, but my BIGGEST craving definitely has been bologna sandwiches! haha I have no idea why!! I am too nervous to eat lunch meat in pregnancy in fear of getting listeria, so maybe I am just craving it because I know I can’t have it right now?? haha Other than that, I have craved lemonade and fruit gushers! I really have been craving LOTS of fruity drinks this pregnancy rather than food!

Q: Food Aversions?

A: Not really any aversions at all in the second trimester! I can finally tolerate the smell of coffee, so that has been nice! Although, I have gotten sick twice after eating brownies this pregnancy, so maybe that? Not sure if that is just a coincidence or if for some reason baby girl hates brownies?? haha

Q: Gender Prediction?

A: It’s a GIRL!!! I still am in shock that I guessed correctly!! I NEVER guess right at all!! But this pregnancy has been nearly IDENTICAL to my pregnancy with Scarlett, so I just knew it had to be another girl! We are thrilled to be girl parents!

Q: Have You Started Showing?

A: Haha at this point, absolutely! haha I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, so I got a big ol’ bump! But I would say that I finally “popped” around 25 weeks!

Q: Best Moment So Far This Trimester?

A: So many fun moments this trimester! We got to go on a mini “baby-moon” with our friends to Charleston and it was a blast!! Although, after all the walking, my hips were KILLING me and my legs were swelling by the end of it haha it still was a great time though!!
We also celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby girl with a BABYQ (BBQ/babyshower)! It was so fun to get to celebrate her and it makes it feel a bit more real that I will be a mother of 2 in just over a month!!!

Q: Worst Moment So Far This Trimester?

A: Looking back on this past trimester, nothing really sticks out as a “worst moment” moment! There were times where I got sick, or got poison ivy or wasn’t feeling the best, but nothing extreme to make me truly remember a moment being “bad”!

Q: Looking Forward To?

A: I am so looking forward to meeting our sweet girl! And for her sister to meet her too! I cannot even fathom how special it will be getting to introduce Scarlett to her!

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