Bumpdate (Second Pregnancy) – First Trimester

Guess who is back?! That’s right, I am pregnant with our second child and I am soooo excited to document this journey just like I did when I was pregnant with Scarlett! I still am in amazement of how much the body changes to accommodate for that little growing babe! And it is fun to look back on all the little memories and celebrations that each trimester brings!

As of today, I am 18 weeks pregnant, so you could say that I am a bit behind on posting my 1st trimester update… Considering the second trimester technically begins at 14 weeks… oops! haha I figured better late than never though! And since I am still so close to my first trimester, most of my symptoms are just now starting to subside. So most of this post is still applicable to myself today even though I am no longer in the first trimester!

As I mentioned in my pregnancy announcement post, instead of tracking my changes each month, I am going to track my progression each trimester! So there will be a total of 3 blog posts to keep up with! Definitely a bit easier than keeping up with 9! haha

Without further adieu, here is the recap of my first trimester of pregnancy with baby number 2:

Q: Symptoms?

A: Morning Sickness – Just like I did with Scarlett, I wake up every morning, puke, and then I am good to go! I am just happy that I am not nauseous all day long like some women are!
Sleepiness – I was pretty exhausted all of the first trimester! Luckily, I am starting to gain back some energy now though!
Frequent Urination – In early (and late) pregnancy you pee a lot more than normal because of the extra blood running through your body and the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. That mixed with the fact that I have upped my intake of water with this pregnancy has meant that I am peeing A TON lately!
Lower Back/Hip Pain – “Yay for hip pain!” -said no one ever. Luckily, but also unfortunately, I know that most of the pain is to come, so I am just trying to enjoy my limited moments without it while I still can! haha
Round Ligament Pain – I definitely got this symptom way earlier than I did with my pregnancy with Scar! Maybe because my body is more prepared for this baby since I have already been through it before? I’m not sure, but I am not totally thrilled to have this symptom already! haha Luckily I only get it when I sit up too fast or contort my body in an odd way, so I haven’t had to deal with it a whole lot yet!

Q: Movement?

A: Definitely feel little jabs here and there, but nothing too crazy.. YET!

Q: Food Cravings?

A: I have not been having any weird cravings or anything, but there have been random times that I just NEEDED to have something right then and there! And usually when I need to have something, it is strawberry lemonade from Wendy’s or fruit gushers!

Q: Food Aversions?

A: I started off my pregnancy HATING the smell of coffee, just like I did when I was pregnant with Scarlett! But around 9 or 10 weeks that lessoned and it doesn’t effect me anymore! Thankfully!

Q: Gender Prediction?

A: Both Ian and I are really feeling like this baby is going to be another girl!! All of my symptoms have been the EXACT same as when I was pregnant with Scarlett! I know they say every pregnancy is different, but mine have been nearly identical!!! We shall see if our hunch is correct or not!
We did do the Sneak Peek early gender test and got results, (which if you are close to us you probably know what the results were! 😉 ) But we won’t announce the gender until the anatomy scan to completely confirm!

Q: Names?

A: We have a name picked out for both a girl and boy, and while I enjoyed sharing Scarlett’s name when I was pregnant with her, we are choosing to keep the names secret this pregnancy! I think it will be a fun reveal once they arrive!! (Close family and friends know the name though!)

Q: Have You Started Showing?

A: I definitely am showing a bit earlier than I did when I was pregnant with Scarlett!

Q: Best Moment So Far This Trimester?

A: We have had sooo many fun moments this trimester!! Like getting to surprise all our close friends and family with our pregnancy announcement, taking a video of Scarlett “predicting” the baby’s sex and taking the Sneak Peek gender test!! I am so fortunate to have had such a magical, healthy and joyous first trimester!

Q: Worst Moment So Far This Trimester?

A: A couple weeks ago I got either food poisoning or a stomach bug and was OUT for a whole day!!! I could not keep ANYTHING down and we were really concerned about me getting dehydrated that we almost had to make a visit to the ER. Luckily later that night I was able to keep some water down and get some rest! By the next day I was totally normal!

Q: Looking Forward To?

A: Now that I am gaining my energy back, I am just looking forward to actually getting projects around the house done and other things to help prepare for the baby’s arrival! And also embrace the limited time I have left with Scarlett being my only baby ❤

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