DIY Peppermint Place Card Holder

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! So that means it’s time to start planning out all our favorite Christmas festivities! For some of you, Christmas dinner may be one of your most favorite family traditions. And these cute little peppermint place card holders are the perfect addition to that! They will help jazz up the table and add a little bit of quirky, colorful, winter wonderland-vibes to your Christmas dinner!

Peppermint Place Card Holder

– Air-dry Clay (white)
– Acrylic Paint (I used red, pink, lilac, mint and green)
– Paint Brush
– Glitter
– Clear Acrylic Varnish
– Knife or Straight Blade

1.) Knead the clay into a 3/4″ cylinder.
2.) Take your blade and cut a straight piece off the bottom of the clay. This will give the “peppermint” a platform to sit on.
3.) Take your blade and slice a line into the top of the cylinder. This cut will hold the cards in place.
4.) Allow clay to dry completely. (I allowed it to dry over night)
5.) Take your paint and paint a pin-wheel pattern on the front and back of your cylinder. If you used white clay, you will not need to paint in the white between the colors. Allow paint to dry completely.
6.) Combine a small amount of glitter and acrylic varnish by mixing them together. Once glitter is fully incorporated, paint over the peppermint to add a nice sparkly touch. Allow varnish to dry completely.
7.) Print out name place cards, insert them into the cut on top of the peppermint and you are good to go!


How To:

These little peppermint holders are perfect for place cards at your fanciest Christmas dinners or they could even be used as little photo holders (just like these rainbows)! Whatever you choose to use them for, they will be the cutest addition to your Christmas décor!

And yes, I decided to set a place at the dinner table for my dog! Sue me! haha

I hope you enjoy these little peppermint place card holders as much as I do! They add just the right amount of whimsy and color to your Christmas festivities!

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

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