Bachelorette Party

1Unlike my bridal shower, I had NO input in my bachelorette party!  My sister, Kristin, said she was tired of me always having my nose into everything and wanted the party to be a complete surprise. *rolls eyes*  But, you know what?  It was amazing!! And I am so lucky to be surprised with such an absolutely PERFECT celebration!!

The whole night started with 2 strangers (obviously my mom and Godmother) with facemasks ringing my doorbell.  When I opened the door, they politely came in and told me they were going to kidnap me. Hahahaha!  They put a blindfold on me and told me I had to come with them.  So I (willingly) got taken into the back of the “strangers” car and was driven to the party location (my sister, Michelle’s home).

I had to keep my blindfold on as they escorted me into the home.  When they got me right where they wanted me they ripped off my blindfold and what did I find?  The Office themed everything!!!

My heart exploded.  How perfect?!  Okay, okay Kristin, I see why you wanted to surprise me!

If you have watched the show (or really even heard about it) you know all about the iconic “It is your birthday.” sign that Dwight made Kelly for her birthday.  Well instead of a birthday sign, they made me a “It is your party.” sign!!!  And it wouldn’t be complete without the barely inflated balloons that “fit in the palm of your hand” and “match the carpet“!


And of course they played the show on the TV the entire party in case anyone wanted to binge watch a few episodes! 😉

I was having such a great time that I barely took any photos at all (which is kind of the point, isn’t it?).  So unfortunately I have no pictures to show you all the incredible foods that they all made!  Of course, they also went with the theme!  A few of the things we ate were:

  • Big Tuna sandwiches – Jim packed a tuna fish sandwich the first day he met Andy, so Andy decided to forever call him “Big Tuna”.  Why on Earth wouldn’t “Big Tuna” be included on the menu?!
  • Jell-O (with a stapler in it of course) – This prank was featured on the very first episode of The Office and showed the world just how great Jim and Dwight’s relationship is!
  • C-shaped bagels – Michael stayed up all night cutting the bagels into C-shapes to impress Charles Miner, and now I understand how unappreciated he was for doing that!!  Must have taken a lot of work! haha
  • Pretzels – We all know “Pretzel Day” was Stanley’s favorite day of the year, so it was special sharing his favorite thing at my party! 😉

Not only did they have The Office themed everything, they all dressed up like one of the characters!!!

My sister, Kristin was dressed up like Prison Mike!!!  Ahhhhh!


(Pictured from left to right – me, Kristin dressed as Prison Mike, Stacey as Dwight and Michelle as Angela.  Not pictured – Crystin as Pam)

They all looked so incredible!!! I didn’t get to dress up like a character, obviously (since I didn’t know about the theme at all). But they made me a shirt that said, “Dwight, you ignorant slut” (reference to the safety training episode) that I proudly wore during the party!

Like I mentioned in my bridal shower post, games are my favorite thing at every party!  And our version of “The Office Olympics” did not disappoint!  The games that we played were:

  • Coffee Races – This was a three legged race while holding a mug filled to the brim with coffee.  Not only did you have to be the first to finish, you also had to have the most coffee remaining in the cup to be able to win this race.  Let’s just say, slow and steady won the race.  Oh, and all of our legs were bruised for a week from the ties we tied our legs up with for it! haha
  • Office Obstacle Course – There was a set obstacle course outside that we had to complete while holding a stack of books on our head the whole time!  This included crawling under a slide and climbing up a ladder.  It was definitely not the easiest task to do!
  • Dunderball – This game is played by bouncing a Ping-Pong ball on the wall between a divider to the opposite team.  The objective is to bounce it in a way that the other team cannot catch the ball, but the ball must land on the other players side.  The team that catches the most bounced balls win.
  • Target Shooting – The objective of this game was to take a sharpie and try to hit a target (piece of Dunder Mifflin paper), like darts.  The team with the most amount of marks from the sharpie near the middle of the target wins. This was a timed game, so we could throw the marker as many times as we could within that timeframe, but we had to be accurate if we wanted to win!
  • Who can fit the most M&Ms in their mouth – We all know that no one should even attempt to beat Kevin at this game, but we tried anyway!
  • Flonkerton(“In English: Box of Paper Snowshoe Racing”) We attempted to play this “national Icelandic sport” but alas could not.  We did not have the paper boxes like they used in the show and tried to substitute them with books with string on it… Let’s just say we all lost at that game. haha

There were three teams of two participants, and we were told to pick a name for our team.

  1. Soup Snakes (reference from the Company Picnic episode) – Crystin and I
  2. Lil’ Drummer Boi (Angela’s favorite song, that Andy agrees is “bigger than Christmas itself“) – Natalee and Michelle
  3. Dwight Sluts (a homage to the shirt I was wearing/show reference) – Kristin and Stacey

Of course my team the “Soup Snakes” won!  As if anyone is surprised 😉


At the end of The Office games, I was honored to present a Dundie to each of the participants!  Of course I awarded them all with some of the most iconic awards in the show, such as: Whitest Sneaker Award, Tight-ass Award, Extreme Repulsiveness Award and Bushiest …. (you all know what this one was) Award.  And you already know, I awarded myself the “Cutest Redhead in the Office” Dundie! 😉


After the Dundie Award ceremony it was time to start getting ready to go out on the town!  We played some fun music, danced around a bit and all got all dressed up.  Though, I have to admit, I wish Prison Mike would have made his appearance at some of the bars! haha


Our first stop for the evening was to a rooftop bar in downtown Cincinnati called Top of the Park at the Phelps.  We were supposed to have dinner there, but by the time we arrived they had already stopped serving for the night.  But that’s okay!  The view made up for it!

So we proceeded to get a few drinks and start having some fun!

Don’t for a second think we just “went out”.  You know we had to make a game of it!!  My sister came up with the most fun bachelorette “scavenger hunt” game that I had to complete, or there were dyer consequences.  Let’s just say the stakes were at “Threat Level Midnight“. 😉

My list of to-do’s for the evening were:

  • Get a free drink from the bartender
  • Drink as many shots throughout the night for as many years you have been with the groom
  • Ask someone to write the best marriage advice on a napkin
  • Make a condom balloon animal for someone
  • 2 dances: 1.) give or receive a dance from a stranger, 2.) On a table or stage completely alone (Picture of me dancing alone on stage above)
  • Get 4 guy’s numbers and send them pictures of your favorite Disney characters
  • Take a picture with a guy that looks like your groom in 50 years (picture of the guy that Ian will look like above. Not that he looks like him in the slightest haha)
  • Collect 4 items throughout the night: something old, borrowed, new and blue (picture of me borrowing someones hat above)
  • Sing karaoke
  • Get a stranger to draw a sharpie tattoo on you


I am happy (or should I say ashamed?) to report I got almost all of the items on the list completed!!  There were a few things I couldn’t complete, such as “take a shot for as many years as you have been with the groom“.  At that point, we had been together for over 9 years and I think if I got to 9 shots I may have died! haha

dgfdgsdfAs you can see in the pic above, I had a hell of a time celebrating!!  lol

Seriously, what an amazing night!  Everything was perfect and I didn’t even plan one second of it!!  If you know me, you know that is a hard thing for me to do! haha Thank you, Kristin for planning and executing the most amazing, fun and hilarious bachelorette party of all time!  I will remember it forever!

5 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party

  1. This is the coolest party ever!!! Your friends and family clearly put so much effort into it, which is just so lovely 😭 Can’t wait until my friends and I all start getting engaged so we can throw awesome bachelorette parties for each other!


  2. I will gladly bring out Prison Mike again whenever you miss/want/need him. Thanks for being the main attraction and giving us a reason to get together in an awesome way ❤


    1. Don’t offer that, because we all know that I need him in my life everyday! haha I absolutely can’t wait to celebrate your bach/hen party!!! You already know I am planning things as we speak 😉


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