Bridal Shower


When you get engaged at Disney World, you have a Disney-themed bridal shower!  And what a magical time it was!  I spent the whole day surrounded by all my loved ones and immersed in the wonderful world of Disney!  What could be better?!

Actually, you know what is better than a Disney bridal shower?  A RAINBOW Disney bridal shower!!  I wanted this party to be obvious that it was my party, so I tried to include all of my favorite things in the world!

I know, I know, your bridal shower is supposed to be thrown for you.  But if one of my favorite things is to plan parties, why can’t I plan my own?!  (I am so picky anyway, so I am sure that my mom and sister were relieved that I did most of the planning. lol)

Whether it was conventional to have my say in my bridal shower or not, I had a blast and I hope my guests did too!

And of course, since my theme was Disney, I had to dress up like a princess!

Some of my favorite things about the whole day were the sweets!  I made these adorable cupcakes that were made to look like the princesses dresses!!  Here is where to get the toppers for them! I opted to go with a lot of the original princesses, but there are a lot of others available on the shop! I absolutely LOVED how they turned out!

The other sweets we had at the party were these STUNNING cookies made by a friend of mine!!! Are they not the most beautiful things you have ever seen?!  When I first saw them I started tearing up! Her mother and her make cookies for fun, but honestly I think they could start their own bakery!  What do you think?!

To keep with the theme, we made Disney-inspired foods to snack on!  The menu consisted of:

  • Non-poison Apple Dip (Snow White) – fruit dip
  • “Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious” (Beauty and the Beast) – Oreo dip
  • “Make it pink, make it blue” birthday cake dip (Sleeping Beauty) – cake dip
  • Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wands (Cinderella) – fruit kababs
  • Pocahontas’ corn salsa (Pocahontas) – salsa
  • Rapunzel’s Ranch Dip (Tangled) – veggies and dip
  • Chip’s Chips (Beauty and the Beast) – potato chips
  • Gus Gus and Jaq’s Cheese Wheels (Cinderella) – Pizzas

And of course we had to eat our meal using DINGLEHOPPERS!


The next few pictures are the Disney inspired centerpieces that were displayed at each table.  But they weren’t just plain old centerpieces… they were actually a game!  I was getting together all the party decorations and had already planned on each table matching a Disney movie. When I was putting them together I thought, “hmm.  I wonder if everyone will know what movie these are each representing?”  And that’s when I got the “brilliant” idea to make a game out of it!

Clever enough, I called this game the “Centerpiece Game” (really thinking outside the box, huh?)

The game was a 5 round competition. (you didn’t think just naming the movies would win it, did you??) Where each round got more difficult than the last.  All of the tables were numbered and all guests were given a sheet of paper to fill in the answers.  Whoever answered the most correctly wins!

  • Round 1: Name The Movie – guests had to walk around to each of the tables and determine what movie each of the centerpieces were based off of.  This round was super critical to be guessed correctly because all the other rounds built off of knowing each movie.
  • Round 2: Name The Princess – Knowing which centerpiece related with which movie, now everyone had to name the Princess that the movie was based around.
  • Round 3: Name The Prince – Now that you have the Princess, you have to name their prince!  This was a bit hard to do for some of the movies since sometimes they don’t even mention his name!
  • Round 4: Name The Sidekick – We all know a Disney Princess comes with a cute little animal sidekick!  In this round, everyone had to name the sidekick.
  • Round 5: What Country Did The Story Take Place –  This round was definitely the hardest!  You have to really be a fan to guess some of where these stories took place!  And a few of their original begins may surprise you!

ACS_0498ACS_0497ACS_0496acs_0499.jpgACS_0500ACS_0501Could you guess each of the movies that the centerpieces were representing?


19905025_1577481548988649_4316140980939172504_nOne of my FAVORITE things at any party are the games!!  I have to admit, that is what I was looking forward to the most at my bridal shower!!  They are just so much fun!

Other than the centerpiece game, some of the games we played were:

  • How well do you know Kaitlin? – a list of 20 random questions they had to try to answer about me!  Such as, how old is Kaitlin, or what is her favorite color?  I do think I made mine a little too difficult though, because hardly anyone got any of them!
  • The Bubble Gum Game – so this was actually just a game for me, but everyone got to see me humiliated!! haha So how the game worked was I was asked 20 questions about Ian (my husband) and every time I answered one of the questions wrong about him I had to put a piece of bubblegum in my mouth.  Well, turns out after 10 years I don’t know my husband very well… so I had a mouth full of bubblegum! (I think he lied on some of the questions just so I would have to do that!)
  • What age was Kaitlin? (as seen above) – my mom took 10 pictures of me and posted them on a poster-board and everyone had to try to guess my age in each picture.
  • Disney Love Quotes – I compiled a random list of Disney love quotes and made a key with all the possible answers that they had to match up correctly.  I made my own sheet, but here is a print out you can purchase!


I really did not take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I was too busy having fun with everyone!

For a memento, we decided to make a polaroid guest book where all guests could take their picture and sign their names to it!  To this day, I still look back at the pictures everyone took and am just so thankful they spent the day celebrating with me!

So blessed to have so many incredible people in my life, and would not change my bridal shower for the world!  Such a magical day!


Photography by Auburn Artisan

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