8 Months of Violett

Our wild girl is 8 months old today!!! She just continues to grow wilder and wilder by the day, and although she keeps us on our toes, we love it!

When I tell you this girl loves to create mayhem, I mean it!! Her absolute favorite things is to pull down anything she can access all over our house! As I am typing this, she just pulled over a storage cart and dumped all of it’s contents on the ground! I don’t know if it is out of curiosity or she loves the thrill of being naughty?! But she is definitely giving us a run for our money… already! I cannot even fathom what it will be like when she is mobile!! She does plenty of damage in her walker, but we can at least block her from accessing everything, when she is running wild on her own two legs we will be in a lot of trouble! haha

Violett is still sleeping through the night (aside from 1 bottle around 4am and then straight back to sleep) but the thing that has changed this month was she has begun rolling onto her belly at night to sleep. This may not sound like a huge deal, but it has been for us! One night we were all asleep, and then for no reason at all, I woke up straight out of my sleep and knew I had to check in on her. She was still sleeping in her Merlin Sleep Suit, which she had slept great in every night, but this night, at this particular time, she had flipped onto her belly, her arms got stuck under her and her face was flat down into the mattress!! I freaked out and thought,”hell no! This suit has got to go!” I even checked online and in bold letters it said, this suit is NOT FOR TUMMY SLEEPING! So in the middle of the night I changed her out of her Merlin, and into one of Scarlett’s old sleep suits and that was that!

Now, I am traumatized after finding her laying like that, and every night, almost every hour, I wake up out of my dead sleep and have to go to the crib and check on her and make sure she is breathing and her arms are free! So, yes, she is still sleeping soundly through the night, but mom and dad are not! haha She still has not been able to roll from her belly to her back so until she is able to I think I am going to be just have to be stressed! haha

8 months in and Violett’s big sister, Scarlett, is finally starting to like her! haha We had a very rough go for a little bit with jealousy and I was wondering if they would ever get along (Violett always loved her big sis, but we can’t say the same about Scarlett’s feeling toward her) But finally, Scarlett has been asking her to play and randomly going up to hug her and say hi to her! It is such a relief, because I truly had no idea what we would do if she never came around! haha I hope their bond keeps growing and growing and will one day be best friends!


WEIGHT – 19 lbs
HEIGHT – 27.5 in
SIZE – 6-12 Months
EYE COLOR – Grayish Blue
NICKNAMES – V, Vivi, Vi, Viola, Viola Babe-is, Veester, V money, V Girl, Littlest, Sugar, Sugs, Sugar Bean, Sugar Butt, Sugar Bear, Honey Bean, Smile Bear, Smiles, Smiley Viley, Violi Ravioli, Chunk-a-monk, Fuzz Nut, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Sweets


Got her first tooth!
Graduated from her Merlin Sleep Suit to a sleep sack
Starting to pull herself up to a standing position
Can stand (unassisted) while holding onto something
Rolls over on her belly to sleep in her crib
Trying more and more solids
Able to feed herself finger-foods (pincher grasp)
Close to rolling from tummy to back
Rotating/scooting around on her tummy
Blabbering and saying repeating sounds like Baba, Mama and Dada

What She Loves

Getting into trouble!
Walking around in her walker
Playing with her family
When people talk to her and smile at her
Smiling at everyone
When people sing to her (especially Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-cake and Icky Sticky Bubble Gum)
Trying to steal all of Scarlett’s food and toys from her
Eating all the food!
Chewing on everything
Pulling Mama’s hair *eye roll*
Bath time (Sharing baths with Scarlett)
Ms. Rachel
Being nosy

What She Hates

Being on her tummy (except when she sleeps)
Being sleepy
Being hungry
When she misses out on things
When she gets bored
When she needs a diaper change

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