7 Months of Violett

More than halfway to Violett turning one! I am not sure how I feel about it?! I am absolutely loving watching her grow, but I can’t believe that it has gone by in the blink of an eye! Only 5 more of these updates!

One of our biggest “wins” of the month is that Violett is finally sleeping through the night!!! She typically goes to sleep around 7:30pm, wakes up around 5am to have a bottle and then sleeps again until around 8am! To be honest, most nights I just don’t know what to do! I find myself waking up and wondering if I should check on her because I am so used to getting up multiple times at night to do so! I know with regressions this may not last long, but for as long as it does, I am going to try to soak up some much needed sleep! haha

In Violett’s 5 month update I mentioned how we were dealing with some development/health concerns, in particular, our pediatrician was concerned with her asymmetrical mouth. When Violett laughs or cries, the right side of her bottom lip does not move. It has been this way since the day she was born! Apparently, this kind of rare condition can negatively affect other parts of their bodies, such as their nervous system, and our pediatrician wanted to be safe and get her looked at to make sure there were no other underlying issues that we haven’t yet seen.

Well, this month we finally were able to sit with a neurologist and have her examined. They asked us all kind of questions and the neurologist did a few developmental assessments on her and he diagnosed her with Congenital Absence of Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle. (In layman’s terms, she is missing a muscle in her face that controls her lower lip on the right-hand side) He told us after assessing her, that he did not see any developmental delays or any signs to show that there is any underlying issues at all! Since nothing else was affected it had nothing to do with her nervous system, but instead just with muscle development in the womb. He told us that if it were a nervous system issue we would see a lot of other issues. He said that the part of the brain that controls this part of her mouth is so tiny that it would be impossible for this to be the only “issue”. In his words, “Violett is one of the ‘lucky’ few that were born without this specific muscle”.

I cannot even tell you what a relief it is to hear that your baby is completely healthy! Of course I had been up late nights Googling (I know I shouldn’t have…) all kinds of answers to what could be the reason that her mouth is asymmetrical and would come across very scary scenarios of what could happen/what could be wrong. It is honestly such a blessing that all that is “wrong” with our girl is that a muscle that controls her lower lip just didn’t develop correctly in utero! The doctor said there is no need for any follow ups or any other testing, so now we just get to enjoy her absolutely adorable, crooked smile, perfectly the way she was made! ❤

Each month we are getting a closer and closer look at who our sweet girl will be, and this month we have seen what an EAGER and DETERMINED and INDEPENDENT thing she is! Where Scarlett was/is our reserved, intentional, cautious, detail-oriented baby, Violett is her polar opposite! She LOVES getting into everything and roaming everywhere in her walker! She thinks she is a 2 year old just like her sissy and wants to eat, walk and play like her! I have heard that the second child is the one that keeps you on your toes, and I absolutely believe she will!

As wild as she is becoming, she is still just the absolute sweetest, most happy baby girl!! She LOVES people! She loves to smile at people! She LOVES attention! She loves to be in all the action and is SO nosy!! I definitely have a feeling she is going to be an extravert!


WEIGHT – 17 lbs
HEIGHT – 27 in
SIZE – 6-9 Months
EYE COLOR – Grayish Blue
NICKNAMES – V, Vivi, Vi, Viola, Viola Babe-is, Vivacious, V money, Littlest, Sugar, Sugs, Sugar Bean, Sugar Butt, Sugar Bear, Honey Bean, Smile Bear, Smiles, Smiley Viley, Violi Ravioli, Chunk-a-monk, Fuzz Nut, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Sweets


Reaching behind herself while sitting
Bending down and sitting back up all on her own
Sleeping through the night (Hallelujah!)
Eating more solids/Some BLW
Can stand on her own when holding onto something
Jabbering/Repeating sounds like “Ba Ba” and “Ma Ma”
Responds to her name and most used nicknames
Passing objects from one hand to the other

What She Loves

Reaching/Grabbing for any and everything
Walking in her walker
Eating! (Both bottles and solids)
Bath time
Kicking her legs
Watching her Sissy
Chewing on everything
Getting attention
When people smile/talk to her
Swinging in the swing
Playing with Daddy
When we sing to her
Playing peek-a-boo
Playing pat-a-cake
Watching Daddy play guitar
Kisses from Mama
Blowing bubbles
Ms. Rachel (the only TV show/movie she cares about being on)
Shaking her head
Playing with all of hers and Scarlett’s toys

What She Hates

Getting put down in the crib for a nap
Getting her Merlin suit on
When we have to wipe the folds in her neck
When she is hungry
When she is sleepy
When she wants her pacifier
When she has been in her carseat for “too long”

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