4 Months of Violett

Our sweet girl is 4 months old today! She is growing into such a happy, sweet and independent girl, and brings soooo much joy into our family!

This month our girl found her sweet little laugh! Now all day, every day, our goal is to hear it over and over again! Some of her favorite things right now is peek-a-boo or when we make silly faces at her! I can just tell she is going to be such a fun kid when she gets a little bigger! Of course, since she loves being silly, her Daddy is her favorite person to play with!

Violett’s big sister, Scarlett, is still quite a bit jealous of her, and still avoids her much of the time… but when we have Violett sitting up or standing in her activity center, Scarlett seems a bit more interested! So, I am hoping once V is sitting up on her own Scar will see her more of a playmate than a threat to her attention lol On the other hand, Violett is OBSESSED with her big sister and watches her all day long! I know she cannot wait to get to play with her!


WEIGHT – 14 lbs
HEIGHT – 25 in
SIZE – 3-6 Months
EYE COLOR – Grayish Blue
NICKNAMES – V, Vivi, Vi, Viola, Vivacious, Littlest, Sugar, Sugs, Sugar Bean, Sugar Butt, Sugar Bear, Smile Bear, Smiles, Smiley Viley, Violi Ravioli, Chunk-a-monk, Fuzz Nut


We got a little giggler!
Getting so close to rolling! Her shoulders just get in her way
Bringing objects to her mouth to chew on
Really close to sitting up independently!
Pushes up to elbows during tummy time
Great head/neck control
Follows objects and sounds around the room
Breastfeeds and bottle-feeds great!
Blowing raspberries/bubbles

What She Loves

Smiling at everyone! Especially right when she wakes up!
Chewing on her hands
Playing with Daddy
Snuggling with Mama
Watching her sister
Playing peek-a-boo
Being naked
Bath time
Playing on her playmat
Looking in the mirror
Talking with people
Playing in activity center
Watching everyone around her
Looking up at mobiles

What She Hates

Getting dressed
When she is awake for too long/over-tired
When she is hungry
Getting into her sleepsuit
Being uncomfortable

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