3 Months of Violett

Our littlest is now a 3 month old!! And has grown just so so much!

Violett’s personality is really starting to shine, and if you ask anyone that has met her, she is just the happiest baby!!! (Unless she is tired or hungry lol) She just gives away infectious smiles like it’s her job and can strike up a (squealing) conversation with just about anyone! She is just so sweet!

We have officially made it through the “4th Trimester”!!!! And life is just so perfect! Of course we still have our rough days/moments, but we are all adjusted and Violett is doing so well!! She sleeps like a champ in her bassinet through the night! And has graduated out of her swaddles and into her Magic Merlin suit because this girl is trying to roll! I know I said that time moved quickly with Scarlett, but I feel like this time with Violett has literally moved at the speed of light! Maybe it seems like it is moving so fast because this time I have a toddler to chase around as well unlike I did when Scarlett was a newborn lol Either way, I am so stinking proud of Violett and how she is growing and learning, but just so so sad that it’s happening in a blink of an eye. My little newborn infant is a big chunky baby now!!!


WEIGHT –14 lbs
HEIGHT – 25 in
SIZE – 0-3 Months
EYE COLOR – Grayish Blue
NICKNAMES – V, VV, Vi, Viola, Vivacious, Littlest, Sugar, Sug, Sugar Bean, Smile Bear, Smiles, Smiley Viley, Violi Ravioli


She really found her voice this month and has been jabbering (and squealing) away!!
Brings her hands to her mouth
Starting to grasp onto things
Starting to laugh!! Not quite yet, but soooo close!
Graduated out of her swaddles!
Starting to try to roll
Becoming very expressive
Sleeps from around 9pm to around 4am (give or take) every night
Breastfeeds and takes the bottle like a champ!
Can support herself and push herself with her legs when being held
Mimicking facial expressions and sounds

What She Loves

Having conversations with everyone
Smiling at everyone!!!
When people smile at her
Swinging in her swing
Playing with her ball on her playmat
Bath time
Looking up at anything or anyone above her
Toys that make noise or rattle
When we sing to her
Listening to music
Being rocked to sleep (by us or the swing)
Her Mama, Dada and Sissy!

What She Hates

Being overtired
Being bored
Not getting fed immediately when hunger hits her lol
When the car stops moving while she is in her car seat
When we try to give her her pacifier when she’s not tired
Being tired

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