5 Months of Violett

I am so proud at how this baby girl is growing! Just being able to kiss all over those chubby cheeks and squeeze on all her delicious rolls is a dream!!! Is there anything in the world more perfect than a chunky baby?!

Our girl grew LEAPS AND BOUNDS over this last month! I feel like I say that every month, which is true, but this month in particular she has become such a big girl!! She is grabbing, rolling, babbling and so much more! And we are finally getting a look at what kind of kid she is going to be! I can’t believe in only a month she will be half a year old!!!!

Violett is truly SUCH a happy baby!!! (Unless she is hungry or tired lol) Anyone that knows her knows that when she smiles, she smiles with her WHOLE face! She loves everyone! But not sure she loves anyone more than her big sister, Scarlett! Who still to this day is not too fond of her… Praying this will pass once Violett gets a little bigger and becomes a friend to her rather than a threat to the attention she wants to get *rolls eyes*. But I also know the dynamic of sisters, and know that this jealousy may be here to stay for quite a while…

Although Violett has been growing great – nearly 70th percentile in height, weight and head size – this past month we had a few health concerns brought to our attention. The first being, the doctor was concerned she may have hip dysplasia. Due to the fact that she has asymmetric folds in her thighs (her leg rolls) it could indicate that her hips may be out of place. Our doctor put in an order for an X-ray to check to make sure that her hips were normal, but when we got the X-ray they noticed her hips were still almost entirely cartilage still so they had to order an ultrasound to get a better look. The good thing about her hips still being cartilage was the fact that if she did have hip dysplasia, we would have time to help correct it before they turned to bone. Thankfully, after both the X-ray and ultrasound, we got the good news that her hips are totally normal! Thank goodness!

The second concern is still ongoing. When Violett was born, the pediatrician that checked on her in the hospital noticed that one side of her mouth (her right side) did not move when she cried. The pediatrician told us that this could be due to birth trauma, from her arm squished up near her face in the womb, or a congenital disorder. They assured us if it was either of the two first options it would go away and fix itself by the time she was 1 month old. Well, it hasn’t. Although it is completely unnoticeable in her resting face, when she smiles or cries the right bottom lip doesn’t move. (you can see example in photo below) She was diagnosed with a “facial palsy”. Her facial palsy has not gotten in the way of her feeding and gaining weight, and our pediatrician thinks it has gotten a bit better with each month, but he still referred us to a neurologist to make sure everything is okay. It doesn’t seem to impact any day-to-day activities and she doesn’t seem to be in any pain at all! But we just want to make sure nothing is underlying. Which I am very thankful for! Our appointment is set for the beginning of February, so I will update once we know more about it!

On a more positive note, Violett got to celebrate her first ever Christmas this past month!!! And it was so magical! She did GREAT with Santa and she absolutely loved watching her sister open gifts! (Next year she will get her chance!) So bittersweet that her first holiday season has come and gone, and now this weekend the new year will be here, and we will no longer be living in the year she was born. Time is such a thief.


WEIGHT – 14.5 lbs
HEIGHT – 25.5 in
SIZE – 3-6 and 6 Months
EYE COLOR – Grayish Blue
NICKNAMES – V, Vivi, Vi, Viola, Vivacious, Littlest, Sugar, Sugs, Sugar Bean, Sugar Butt, Sugar Bear, Honey Bean, Smile Bear, Smiles, Smiley Viley, Violi Ravioli, Chunk-a-monk, Fuzz Nut, Fuzzy Wuzzy


Can roll over from back to belly in both directions! (and does it a little too often haha)
Can grasp and hold objects
Brings objects to her mouth
Started eating oatmeal
Graduated from bassinet to crib
Has gained so much neck and back strength!
Sits with support
So close to being a hip baby! Still a tad wobbly, but nearly there!
Blowing raspberries
Can support her weight when held at standing position

What She Loves

Rolling all around
Chewing on her teethers
Looking at herself in the mirror
Playing peek-a-boo
Having conversations with everyone
Playing with Daddy
Watching her big sis do EVERYTHING
Smiling at everyone
When Mommy and Daddy sing to her
Playing at her activity center
Bath Time
Being carried around the house

What She Hates

Sleeping through the night and giving mama a break (can you tell I’m exhausted?! haha)
Being picked up and then put back down
Getting put into her Merlin Sleep Suit
When she is hungry
When she is on her belly for too long
When her arms are stuck under her while rolling
Being bored

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