Nostalgic Toys Family Costume

Welcome all vintage toy lovers!! This family costume is all for you!!

I have said it before and I will say it again, nostalgic Halloween costumes are seriously one of my favorite things to create!! I will never tire of hearing someone say “OMG! I totally forgot about ___!” Having a costume that is widely recognizable is a sure-fire way to win any costume competition! 😉

To me I think this is one of those perfect group costumes where it looks adorable all together as a group, but also, totally adorable (and recognizable) apart! Which is a huge win in my book! Especially due to the fact that my 2 year old promptly took her costume off as soon as we finished taking pictures!

Magic 8 Ball

I absolutely loved asking my magic 8 ball all the “important” questions when I was little! And whatever the ball said was gospel! haha I feel like a magic 8 ball is one of those iconic toys that absolutely everyone (no matter the age) knows what it is!

This costume was so much fun and I am very pleased with the final result! To make it, all I did was papier-mâché over a giant 36″ balloon (read this post to learn how to papier-mâché a ball shape), paint the papier-mâché ball black and used my Cricut to cut out the 8 and “Ask Again Later” out of white vinyl! On my body shape, I was able to hold the ball up by itself, but depending on your body shape, you may need to add some straps as well! If you need those, all it is is getting ribbon and taping on the inside of the ball!

Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube?! I had been thinking about creating this costume for a long time! I just thought all the colors would make such a fun and easy costume! I originally was planning on making this costume for myself, but I think Ian rocked it! What do you think??

A fun little fact about this costume is that it is constructed with the exact same cardboard box that I used for my Jewelry Box Ballerina Costume! We reuse supplies in this household! To make this costume I just painted the box black, cut squares out of construction paper, glued them on and added some black ribbon as straps! That’s it!

Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch is the perfect timeless toy! No matter your age, or when you were born, you have to admit these things are soooo fun to play with! Scarlett has one now, and Ian and I play on it just as much (if not more) as she does! The funny thing about this costume is that it is a left over prop from Scarlett’s 2nd birthday party! I originally made it as a prop that people could pose in photos with! But since we kept onto it I thought, heck, I can reuse it for this costume! So glad I didn’t throw it out!

Making this Etch A Sketch was super simple! It really is just a red poster board, with a white poster board backing, a couple of white circles cut out of regular printer paper and then sharpies and a gold paint pen for the writing! I freehanded the writing, but you could totally use a Cricut to make it even easier!

Care Bear

Growing up I LOVED Care Bears! (And totally still do!) I used to collect them, and even had a giant Cheer Bear (the rainbow one) that told me it loved me when I squeeze its hand! haha I actually kept a couple from my youth to give my children one day, and now my girls have them! I feel like Care Bears never go out of style!

This costume idea truly derived from the fact that we wanted Violett to be warm while we trick-or-treated! In Ohio it is almost guaranteed to be cold on Halloween, so we wanted to be prepared! We already owned the pink bear suit, so this idea was a no brainer! All I had to do was cut some felt pieces (white tummy, rainbow for tummy, hearts for the bottom of her feet and a heart on her butt) and glue it onto the suit, and that’s it!

Originally when I came up with this costume idea, I was envisioning it as a couples costume between the magic 8 ball and rubik’s cube! But when I realized I still had Scarlett’s Etch A Sketch photo prop I decided it was too good an opportunity to go ahead and make it a family costume!

This is definitely one of my absolute favorite family costumes I have made!! Brings me such a warm fuzzy feeling and bring back so many great memories from when I was young! I hope it took you on a stroll down memory lane as well!

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

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