Surprise – We Are Having ANOTHER Baby!

So excited to finally announce, I am pregnant with baby #2! And we are soooo thrilled!

Here we go again!! I cannot believe I am finally typing out this post! We have been keeping this little secret for about 16 weeks now and we finally couldn’t hold it in any more! haha Our family is growing and our little Scarlett is going to be a big sister!

Our newest addition is due August 4th!

Ian and I have always agreed that we wanted to have kiddo’s about 2 years apart from one another. Since Scarlett’s second birthday is August 2nd, I think we did a pretty damn good job planning that out! haha We may have planned that a little too well if you ask me…

Having Scarlett has been the absolute greatest joy of my life! I cannot even imagine how it is going to be having TWO children!! I don’t know how my heart can contain all the love!! Ian and I are beyond blessed and are on cloud nine!

Just like with my pregnancy with Scarlett, I plan to track my progression with baby #2 as well! I absolutely love the fact that I documented my whole pregnancy with her and still find myself going back and reading about how I was feeling and all my thoughts during that time in my life! The only thing that will be different this go-around is that rather than tracking my monthly progress, I am going to track my progress by trimester (i.e. spread out between 3 blog posts rather than 9). I currently have a 1.5 year old, and work full time- so I am giving myself a little grace on the extra blog work load! haha Plus I noticed things didn’t change too much from month to month, so it may be more interesting to see the differences now that it is between 3 posts instead!

I am so excited to welcome a new baby into our lives AND watch Scarlett become the best big sister!!

Cannot wait to squeeze and love on this sweet, sweet baby!!! Stay tuned for what’s in store for this soon to be family of FOUR!

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