DIY Monsters, Inc. Costume

WE SCARE BECAUSE WE CARE! I don’t know about you, but Monsters, Inc is one of my absolute favorite Pixar movies! And maybe I am bias, but I think Scarlett makes a pretty adorable, real-life Boo!

The first time we put Scarlett’s hair up in pigtails we immediately thought “aw she looks like Boo from Monsters, Inc!” Is there anything sweeter than a baby in pig tails?! That is what initially gave me the idea to dress her up as Boo for Halloween this year. But when we put on Monsters, Inc. for her to watch, and she watched until the very end (the first movie she has ever watched all the way through) and LOVED it, that set the decision in stone!

I was so excited that she liked the movie that I bought her this Sully stuffed animal the very next day!

This may have been the easiest costume to recreate! Just an oversized pink shirt, lilac pants, pigtails and socks! All of which she can reuse in the future!

To make the Mike Wazowski candy bucket- I bought a “regular” jack-o’-lantern candy bucket, spray painted it green and then hand painted the details for his face! I also made horns out of clay and attached them, but they broke off right before we took these pictures. Figures… haha

And I recreated Boo’s door by simply painting a poster board!

I cannot get over how cute this little costume turned out!

Created and photographed by Auburn Artisan

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