11 Months of Scarlett

I feel like Scarlett is a whole different baby this month!!! She has grown SO much, and learned SO much!!! She also has been sleeping like crazy (which I am pretty happy about lol) since she is going through so many changes!!! I’m so proud of my girl!

Only one more month for me to count her age in months! 😭 I refuse to be one of those people that says “my baby is 36 months old” haha technically, this is my last one then, since next month she will be 1 YEAR old!! Let the tears commence.

Color of the Month – Violet


Weight – 20.8 lbs
Height – 28 in
Size – 6 – 12 months
Hair Color– Dark Brown
Eye Color– Brown
Nicknames – Scarlo, Scar, Scar Scar, Scarletti, Scarbino, Scarberry, Scarlo Bean, Bean, Sis, Sister, Girlfriend, Sugar, Sugar Butt, Babe


We have a crawler!!
FOUR top teeth popped through!
She is pulling herself up on everything
SO close to walking! Just too hesitant to let go of our hands
Says “nonononono” when she is unhappy with something
Points at everything
Can feed herself her bottle on her own
More aware of her surroundings

What She Loves

Playing in the water
Bath time
Getting scared/surprised
Feeding herself
Eating chicken, eggs and strawberries
Playing with her toys
Her big fur-brother Indigo
Getting tickled by Daddy
Watching LLB and Cocomelon
Climbing up “mount mama” (me)

What She Hates

Getting her diaper changed
Getting ready for bed
Getting wiped down/cleaned

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