10 Months of Scarlett

Scarlett is officially double digits!!! I cannot believe that my baby will be 12 months SO soon!! Only 2 colors to go!! She has been growing into such a big girl with such a big personality and I LOVE IT!!!! I know I am probably going to regret saying that one day, but for now, bring on that sassy, strong-willed, independent girl!

Color of the Month – Blue-Violet


Weight – 21 lbs
Height – 28 in
Size – 6-9 months
Hair Color– Dark Brown
Eye Color– Brown
Nicknames – Scarlo, Scar, Scar Scar, Scarletti, Scarbino, Bean, Sis, Sister, Girlfriend, Sugar, Sugar Butt, Babe, Scarberry


Scooting on her butt all around the house
Walks well around the house/yard holding onto our hands
Stranger – Danger in full effect
Separation anxiety is also in full effect
Top tooth has cut finally through
Getting closer and closer to crawling, but I think she is more interested in walking than crawling!

What She Loves

Holding our hands to walk around
Feeding herself
Walking in her walker
Bath time
Standing up (while holding onto something)
Looking out our front window
Listening to music
Playing with her blocks
Kicking around her ball
Getting startled/scared
Getting tickled
Playing peek-a-boo
Being outside
Going on walks
Getting into trouble

What She Hates

Getting her diaper changed
Getting dressed
Getting ready for bed
Missing out on having fun

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