4 Months of Scarlett

Another month has come and gone, and it is so bittersweet. Bitter, because my little teeny-tiny baby isn’t so little anymore, and sweet because I am really looking forward to this month. Why you may ask? Because this month will be Scarlett’s first Christmas! Ah! One of the things I looked forward to most about becoming a mother was sharing my love for celebrating every little holiday and occasion- and Christmas is the most magical of all! So I am really going to try to embrace every single day of this 4th month, and make it the most wonderful month thus far!

Color of the Month – Yellow Orange


Weight – 14 lbs
Length – 23 in
Size – 0-3 Months
Hair Color – Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color – Brown
Nicknames – Scarlo, Scar, Scar Scar, Scarletti, Scarbino, Bean, Beanie Baby, Dancing Bean, Hunny Love, Sugar Plum


Can fully grab and hold onto objects.
Brings objects to mouth/can pull objects away from mouth.
Can now “speak” in a variety of different pitches. Absolutely loves to squeal!
Nearly able to sit up on her own.
Mimics facial expressions and sounds.
Smiles at everything!
Almost able to roll from back to belly.
Learning sign language sign for “more”.

What She Loves

Sleeping in her Baby Merlin Sleep Suit
Taking Baths
Playing on her play mat
Playing in her activity center
Swinging in her swing
Listening to music
Looking at colorful things (like Mama’s paintings)
Watching Cocomelon, Little Baby Bum and Alphablocks on TV
Playing with her lovey blankets
Looking at lights/fans
Talking/squealing with Mama and Dada
Chewing on her teething toys/hands
Looking at herself in the mirror
Doing photoshoots with Mama

Photography by Auburn Artisan

What She Hates

When she is hungry
When she has a wet diaper
When she is over-tired
When she’s not the center of attention
When she drops her pacifier

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