3 Months of Scarlett

I don’t know why, but I feel like in this past month we went from having a little baby to having a little human!!! Scarlett is getting soooo smart and learning so many things! I am in awe! Infancy really does fly by! She is already getting so dang big and chunky and I love it! Each time a new roll shows up on her thigh, my heart grows 8 times!

Color of the Month – Orange


Weight – 12 lbs
Length – 22.25 in
Size – 0-3 Months
Hair Color – Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color – Brown
Nicknames –  Scar, Scar Scar, Scarlo, Scarletti, Hunny Love, Bean, Dancing Bean, Beanie Baby


Starting to laugh!
Imitating sounds that she hears.
Sleeping through the night.
Bounces when held up over a solid surface.
Brings hands to mouth.
Starting to reach for hanging objects.
Trying to roll from back to belly.

What She Loves

Looking at herself in the mirror
Staring at lights
Chewing on her hand
Listening to music
Playing on her play mat
Playing games
When people make funny faces at her

Photography by Auburn Artisan

What She Hates

Getting bored
A wet diaper
Being overtired
Being hungry

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