Art Room Tour


Welcome to where the magic happens!  My art studio!  (Actually, my name for it is the Creation Station.)  In this very room I draw, paint, color and dream.  I mean how couldn’t I be inspired when I am surrounded by rainbows?!

Renting an apartment we have limited space.  With my vast amount of art supplies (and rainbow decorations) my husband gave me full range of our second bedroom!  Not only does this room house all my creative materials, it also acts as my walk-in closet!  You all should know by now I have ENTIRELY too many clothes, so a tiny little apartment closet definitely would not do.  So, I had to sacrifice one wall for half of my closet (which I will show you).


First up on the tour is the main area in the Creation Station, my desk and storage area!  This is where I organize all my art supplies.  Yeah, I know, an organized artist is an oxymoron.  But, it makes it way easier to find everything!  And my OCD would not allow it to be an unorganized mess! lol

Other than just art storage, this wall showcases my art (the paintings), displays some of my favorite things (all of the rainbow accents), houses my art desk and has a cute little reading nook area (if only I liked reading).  I do write a lot of my blog posts sitting here though!  So, it’s good for something!

One thing that you may or may not know about me is that I collect novelty bags!  If you check out any of my Fashion Friday posts you may have seen a few of them highlighted!  I love how unique and fun they each are, and they are a blast to shop for!  Why wear a boring old purse when you can wear a piece of art?!


Photography by Auburn Artisan

Like I mentioned, half of the Creation Station had to house most of my clothes since our master bedroom could not fit both mine and my husbands.  So, on one of the walls I hung up 2 clothes rods for my tops and skirts! (Which are all organized by color, pattern and type)

Alongside my clothes on the left is where I get ready in the morning!  The bags under the mirror hold all my makeup and other products.  And the faux taxidermy unicorn head just makes each morning that much more magical!

On the other side of the room is my actual closet. (The picture with the shoes and jeans)  This closet houses all my pants, shoes and dresses! (Dresses, and other half of shoe collection not pictured)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour!  It’s not much, but it makes me happy every time I enter the room, so that’s something, right?  Due to living in an apartment, I was unable to do everything I wanted in the space, but that just gives me so many ideas for when we buy our own place! ❤

Any questions or comments?  Let me know if you would like me to link any of the objects featured!

3 thoughts on “Art Room Tour

  1. I am SO in love with this room! You must be overwhelmed with inspiration as soon as you walk in! I love all the rainbows everywhere, and your novelty bag collection too. I also collect novelty bags, but most of mine are shaped like food or an animal. I’d LOVE a rainbow or rotary phone one, they’re just so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! Yes, I feel at home with all the rainbows everywhere!! That is awesome!! Is there a particular place that you usually shop for them? Or is it just luck when you find one?


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