2 Months of Violett

My baby baby girl is officially 2 months old and is growing like a weed!

I feel like Violett grew up sooo much this month! She is no longer a little infant, she is a whole baby now! lol She not only has grown in size (love those chubby rolls!) she just seems so much more mature! She likes to study peoples faces and watch everything that is happening around her! She especially loves having a “chat” with anyone! I feel like her personality is really starting to blossom! But the absolute best thing that has happened this month is that she has started smiling!! And her smiles are absolutely incredible! She smiles with her whole face and it is just so genuine and infectious!

Violett is honestly such a joy and brings so much light and love into our home! As cliche as it sounds, I can’t remember life before her! She is just the perfect addition to our family! Although, her big sissy has developed a little bit of jealousy lately and probably doesn’t agree haha

Ian went back to work this month after being on paternity leave with us and although that has brought it’s challenges, I feel like we are finally in a groove! Just like Scarlett, Violett LOVES a routine! She eats every 3 hours, naps great and sleeps like a champ through the night (in her bassinet without fussing! What?!) only waking up a time or two to eat and then falls immediately back asleep! Honestly, the only time she veers from her schedule is when we have visitors over!

There are moments where I can’t imagine life without her and moments where I can’t believe she’s ours- mostly those moments seem to coincide with one another! So thankful for my healthy, happy, baby girl! And so blessed that I get the opportunity to watch her grow and learn new things just like I got to do with her sissy! ❤


WEIGHT – 10 lbs
HEIGHT – 21.5 in
SIZE – 0-3 Months
EYE COLOR – Grayish Blue
NICKNAMES – V, VV, Vi, Viola, Viola Monroe, Viola Davis, Vivacious, V string, Littlest, Sugar, Sug, Sugar Bean, Smile Bear, Violi Ravioli


Cooing and “talking” back when someone talks with her
Follows people and objects
Able to put herself to sleep a majority of the time
Sleeps long stretches during the night
On a 3 hour feeding schedule
Knows the difference between day and night
Knows her Mama and Dada and looks for us when she hears our voices
Can nearly support her head on her own

What She Loves

Sleeping in her swing
Listening to The Beatles
Dancing around when we talk to her
Her big sissy and watching everything she does
Watching what everyone around her is doing
Looking at lights, mobiles or anything above her
Riding in the car
Walking in the stroller
Baby-wearing/being strapped to our chests

What She Hates

Having a full diaper
Waiting to be fed
Being tickled/lightly rubbed
Getting put in her swaddle
When we try to give her the paci when she doesn’t want it

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