1 Month of Violett

Our sweet Violett is a month old today!!! This month has been filled with more love than I could have ever imagined!

I cannot believe I am already typing up the first monthly growth blog post for my SECOND child! I swear it was just yesterday that I was thinking up of how I wanted to track Scarlett’s first year, and that has already came and past, and now it’s Violett’s turn!

Violett’s first month of life had some high highs and some low lows. When she was a little less than two weeks old the whole family caught Covid. After 2 years of dodging it, we caught it! With a newborn nonetheless… But we all did very well with it and I am so thankful that she didn’t have any complications!! On the plus side of this month, Violett got to meet SO many friends and family members!! Even my sister came in from Ireland to meet her! She is already so loved, and is the perfect final piece to our puzzle!

With us catching Covid and her being an already sleepy newborn, it seems that all she did this past month was sleep! haha We are excited to see her personality bloom and meet who she really is in these next few months ❤ Everyone thinks that she looks like her mama so far! Aside from getting Daddy’s blue eyes (if they stay that color) and dark skin-tone. She definitely looks different than her sissy does to us, but we see lots of Scarlett in her every day! Cannot wait to watch both of our girls grow together!

Speaking of sissy, Scarlett has been a great big sister to Violett so far! Most times she doesn’t really pay her any mind, but when she does she is usually rubbing her head or giving her a kiss! Although, Scarlett also likes to make fun of her sister as well haha When Violett cries she says “wahh wahh wahh” lol I know one day they are going to be at each others throats, but for now, I am going to remember the sweetness!


WEIGHT – 8 lbs
HEIGHT – 20.5 in
SIZE – Newborn
EYE COLOR – Blue??
NICKNAMES – V, Vivi, Vi, Viola, Viola Monroe, Viola Davis, Vivacious, V string, Littlest, Sugar


Sleeping 6 hour stretches through the night in her bassinet! (Really, really happy about this one)
Can follow an object or noise
Knows Mama and Dada’s voices
Can hold her head up for an extended period of time when she is laying on our chests
Focuses on faces in front of her
Starting to coo and “talk” to us

What She Loves

Sleeping!! More specifically, sleeping in our arms, on her tummy, in the car seat or in her carrier
Riding in the car
Rides in her stroller
Snuggling up with Mama
Conversations with Mama
Kisses from Sissy
Playing with Daddy

What She Hates

Getting her diaper changed
Getting dressed
Tummy time (when she is not sleeping)
Really any time she is not eating or sleeping lol

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